hide-and-seek 101…

Though we play hide-and-seek (or Sardines) pretty regularly, I’ve found that I can now play it with just Bubby and I. When she and I have our “girl party”, on our own, it doesn’t take much to keep her entertained. Just help her hide in the closet, or under the bed, and then pretend you’re having a hard time finding her.

Sadie also loves it when I monologue, while looking for her, but she at least found her own hiding place, all by herself. And she’s pretty good at not giggling, or bumping the wall, to give me a clue where she is. For some reason, Emmie believes that everyone needs help, so she’ll start yelling or hitting the wall, within two minutes of your “ready or not, here I come!”. I’ve been trying to break her of this habit, as well as the one where they all start shouting “make a noise!”, after you’ve only been hiding from them for about a minute.

So, of course, Bub’s new to the hide-and-seek game, but she’s learning fast. We all go stand by the glass doors, cover our eyes, and those of us that know how to talk, we count loudly to ten. Bub counts with us, wordlessly, but she gets the tone right. “UH, uh, UH, uh, UH, uh, Uh, uh, Uh, UHH!” is her version of counting to ten, and then while we shout “ready or not”, she spins around, and skips off ahead of us. I need to get some better pictures of all of us counting, possibly even from the other side of the glass doors, but haven’t achieve that, yet.

Now, Bubby used to go check under beds and in closets, without any help, but one afternoon spent with Emmie roaring at her, whenever she was found, and now Bub’s scared to look by herself. But if I’m accompanying her, she will happily climb into the closet, or crawl under the bed with the girls. And then I pretend I didn’t see her get in with them, and do some more monologue-ing, while they giggle away.

Bubby’s actually good at finding people, when her sisters will walk right past someone’s hiding place. I don’t know if it’s because she can see things, lower down, more easily, or what. I’ve had Bub find me first, any number of times, and in a game of Sardines, she’ll join me before the others get there. But getting her to not make noise is tricky, as she thinks she has to yell when she hears someone coming. Though she does practice saying “Sshhhh”, putting her finger up her front lip (she hasn’t figured out you just put your finger against your lip, but it’s an improvement, because she used to stick it up her nose).

Oh, the simple joys of being a child. It doesn’t take much to make them happy, or shriek with laughter. Nor does it take much for what they say to make me laugh… and who wouldn’t, when one them accidentally calls a Slinky a “Slushie”?

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