sydney prep…

Three weeks from now, I’ll be in Sydney. I really haven’t quite taken that in yet, but until I’ve spent my week there, I don’t think I’ll be able to really start getting ready to go home. My brain can’t figure out how to pack everything, when I need to pack and go somewhere else, first.

So, I’ve taken a look at some websites on what I should do in Sydney. I have a friend or two down there, who are arranging a place for me to stay. But I really want to go there with a plan of sorts. Things I must see, things I would really like to see. I’ll be paying attention to what’s free and what’s expensive to do.

Obviously, everyone wants to see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, but those don’t take long, if all you’re doing is looking at them. Of course, I could find out if there’s anything showing at the Opera, the week I’m there. Google it for yourself, “What you should see in Sydney”, and then check out the choices. They’re countless, and I’ll only be there for a week.

Of course, I also plan to get a look at Canberra, while I’m there, and though I’ve been told it isn’t very interesting (from several sources), other friends of mine have told me the government buildings are beautiful, and there’s some great shopping. So, everyone has an opinion on this.

If you live there, or if you’ve ever been there on vacation, feel free to give me some ideas of things that are “must-see”. Some of the must-see items don’t take very long to look at, and some could take all day. And before anyone asks, I will tell you that I do not plan to attempt surfing. Not because there might be sharks, but because I’ve already had bad luck with vacations. I don’t really want to get injured, and miss out on some of my last tourist-y activities, while in Australia.

Because, believe it or not, I’m going home in less than six weeks. Yes, you heard that right, and no, I don’t really believe it, either. But my Sydney trip is now going to come up fast, and then I’ll have less than two weeks before I leave (and spend a day or so in the air).

So, again, give me any suggestions about where you’ve been, or things you would want to see if you COULD get to Sydney. I’m now going to get back to trying to glue a pottery pitcher back together. It got smashed this morning, but I’m sure I can fix it.

3 thoughts on “sydney prep…

  1. Although I’m living in Paris at the moment, I’m a native Sydney-sider. There really are endless activities, but to name a few, I would recommend: Taronga Zoo (home to many Australian animals), Fort Denison (an old convict jail, now converted into a museum), the Harbour Bridge Climb (you actually get to climb over the bridge) and if you are wanting to see several sights in one day, you can take a harbour cruise which will take you around to many of the attractions!

    Enjoy your trip and safe travels!

    • Thanks, I’ll keep all those ideas in mind! My bad luck on my last vacation was to get really sick, so I couldn’t go to the Australia Zoo in Brisbane, so Taronga Zoo would probably make me feel a lot better about myself. Thanks again!

  2. I have seen shows where people take the Harbor Bridge Climb – it’s on my Bucket List. Unless the weather is bad and/or you have a fear of heights, that would probably be on the top of my list. And, the city’s historic district, to check out the buildings and streets and general walk-around vibe of that area.

    Is there a big, public market (wholesale foods, etc.)? I’d head there to see what foods are in season; likely, there are little places to eat tucked into the market, and probably fantastic.

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