life at the disco…

On Friday night, my girls all went to a disco at their school. Well, as far as I know, there wasn’t a disco ball, or disco style dancing, but that doesn’t matter to them. Their evening at the discotheque means that they can wear any clothes they like (no uniforms, hooray!), and put hair spray paint in their hair. I suppose they dance around to music, too.

It starts earlier for the young fry, and then the older kids get a later start time, but we were still getting them ready, early. It started with a trip to Toy World to buy some of the spray paint for their hair, where we had a serious discussion over what colors to pick. Sadie, of course, was insistent on pink, though Emmie wanted red. But they compromised on the pink, as long as they had gold to go with it. And they still had a bit of glitter spray left at home.

We wandered around the store for a bit, before checking out, so the girls were able to drool over all the different Barbie dolls available. Bub was delighted by almost everything that she saw, but I was mean, and wouldn’t put her down to explore. And I was somewhat frightened at a Michael Jackson Thriller doll that might’ve been made for the Barbie company. Sorry, that’s just messed up. As we passed the board games, I again thought it would be fun to bring home Aussie Monopoly, but I don’t want to ship it, so maybe I can find one on Amazon.

At home, one at a time, each of the little girls pulled her hair bands out (with much yelling on Sadie’s part), wrapped herself in a towel (to keep the paint off her clothes), and closed her eyes tight. Kit did a pretty good job of not getting paint on their faces or clothes, and concentrated on giving them pink and gold stripes, or polka dots, if they wanted them. With a nice coating of glitter to finish it off.

I had my camera out, but had some trouble getting pictures, at first, because I had to keep one hand on Bub, and prevent her from walking into the stream of spray paint. Afterwards, we put her on the chair, wrapped her up, and surprisingly, she tolerated both Kit and I covering her eyes so she could have some gold and glitter spray put in her hair. She wasn’t quite sure what we had done, but she could feel a difference in her hair, as she kept touching it cautiously.

The little girls were very good about not leaning on anything, right after their hair was sprayed. I wasn’t certain how long it took to dry, and didn’t want them getting pink spots on the couch. So, with only one suggestion, they both sat forward on the couch, so that they wouldn’t cause stains. And to my surprise, they were still sitting that way, when I came back into the room, a bit later.

Bub’s nap hadn’t been very long, so when her parents got home, and we banned her from the veranda, she went into “collapse onto the floor, in a state of utter distress”, at the drop of a hat. We were so mean to not let her come back into the spray paint zone, so mean to not let her do this or that. Like every parent, you felt sorry for her being so upset, knowing it was because she was tired. But at the same time, you want to laugh, because they can be so funny at the same time. In my defense, I tried and tried to get her to go back down for another short nap, but it didn’t work.

Bea and Kit were all set for their hair go-round, so off they went with the pony tail idea. The plan was to dress as alike as possible, which was a little tricky, when you can’t see what the back of your own head looks like. I took pictures of their heads, so they could see what the design on the back looked like, and then the other would try and replicate it on her sister’s hair.

I did discover, for the first time, that Bea’s as touchy about having her hair brushed, or hair bands pulled out, as Sadie is. And Bea’s hair isn’t even curly! I will never understand this. And of course, Bub has already learned to say “Ow!” when her hair is being brushed, even though it obviously doesn’t hurt. It just makes us all laugh.

Speaking of Bub, during the followup photo shoot, the older girls were trying to get her to mimic their poses, which was excessively funny, because she didn’t always do it at the same time as then, or get the idea right away. I think the pics came out well, though, and at one point, the dog decided he needed to be in the pictures, too.

Finally, they were finished, and though I didn’t get pictures of their final outfits, they tried to get put on the same color shirt, though the shirts really didn’t look alike at all. But it was followed by a discussion of how neither of them really like to wear pink, unlike their little sister, and prefer brighter, richer colors of pink, if they have to wear it.

I thought this was pretty funny, coming from a family full of girls, because that has always been my opinion (coming from a family of boys)… at least when I got older. When I was little, I loved pink and purple. And then I went anti, sometime around the age of 10-13. I look dreadful in pastel pink, but I enjoy wearing the vibrant shades of it.

Anyway, that’s how my girls went to the disco!

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