there’s a story there…

I was going to make this into a Wordless Wednesday post, but then I was debating over how dull the subject of a bird’s nest might be. Very artistic, I’m sure, depending on your point of view. But then, I thought, there really is a story there, so wordless, this isn’t.

The kids were talking about a bird’s nest with eggs in it, but I thought they were talking about the nest in their playhouse tree, where they can see the nest but not reach it. The assumption being that there were eggs, because there are now nestlings. But I found out later that there was a nest under the house, and that’s why they knew there were eggs in it. Because the kids had peered into it.

Actually, what they told me was that Sadie found it, and removed the eggs (don’t ask me why), but when the others found out, she was told to put the eggs back. They now think the eggs will probably never hatch, because the smell of the eggs having been handled will keep the mama bird away. Last they checked, at least, the eggs were still there. And at this point, I have no idea what the end result is.

One reason I don’t know, I keep forgetting to ask. The other reason is that the location of the nest is in a very awkward spot, as an adult has to duck to walk around under the house, and also, the “rafters” are full of spider webs. I found that in order to see the nest up close, I had to get my head way up into the rafters, and to see the eggs, I had to rub my hair in the spider webs. No thanks. So, I used my camera, hoping to get a picture of the eggs. Well, my Nikon isn’t small enough to get in there and still be able to focus in the bad lighting. I have a picture of the nest, but not the eggs, because my camera just couldn’t get in there.

Why didn’t I use my Canon PowerShot, you ask? Well, the zoom froze, a month or two ago, and I haven’t used it since. Sure, it’ll still take pictures, but it’s very frustrating to not be able to use zoom at ALL. And when all is said and done, my Nikon takes better pictures, except when you want a really nice macro zoom shot. That’s when my Nikon argues with me. I say it’s a good shot, take the picture. The Nikon says, “NO! Most emphatically, I disagree, and therefore, I’m not going to do it”. Leaving me talking to the object I want to immortalize, insisting that it’s the camera’s fault, not mine.

Anyway, at this point, Sadie knows that she’s not supposed to pick up eggs, unless they were obviously laid by the chooks. And speaking of chooks, Bub went under the house today, and the next thing I heard was a shriek of fright, and her mom went to get her, and came out laughing hysterically, while her very startled baby clung to her. Bub had “peered” into the container that the chooks lay eggs in, and a chook leaped straight up onto the edge, freaking the baby out. Of course, in having what happened explained to me, I was a little confused, because it sounded like Mrs. B had said “peed into the container”, which made no sense to me, because Bub wears a nappy (diaper) and she isn’t potty trained yet. So, obviously, the heat had fried my brain, to lose track of that description.

So there you have it. A formerly wordless post that now contains about… 600 something words.

4 thoughts on “there’s a story there…

  1. Rachel, I’d love to hear more about the house, and it’s construction – mostly, why it’s up on stilts (I assume because of floodplain, and/or heat and air circulation?). The views of it that I’ve seen since I’ve been reading your blog (kittens) have me intrigued both for form, material and layout. What can I say, but that it’s what I do – or used to do, prior to kids – being a errant architect, home-remodeler and all around landscaping wannabe. Thanks! Plus, it might be a nice documentation of this part of your life, to photograph where you called “home.”

    • I do have plenty of pictures, but I don’t usually post them here, but there are a few on FB. I believe it’s a Queenslander style house. Lots of them are built off the ground, probably for both flooding problems and air circulation. I’ve seen most of them with an entire story (you can stand up under them) on stilts, with an activity area underneath. Flooding can be a serious problem in this area. We’re not THAT close to the river, but the flooding almost reached this house, last year. The whole town was inundated and some people lost everything.

      The man that built it used wood from an old pier, so it’s got some awesome rafters (full of spiderwebs, though) in high ceilings, with gorgeous dark wood floors. The downstairs floor isn’t completely sealed against the outside, though, and the house isn’t insulated. Most QLD houses are not, because they don’t depend in AC, like we do at home. There’s a long hallway, running down the middle of the house, leading to the back doors that you’ve seen in kitten pictures. So, quite a breezeway, running past all the bedrooms.

      There are verandas on both sides, with plenty of room for the kids to play on, even when it’s raining. Most times of year, the younger kids will play under the house, though their dad saw a snake somewhere recently, so they haven’t been allowed down there without close supervision. I can run under the house, if I keep my head ducked, and I’ve done so, when Bub runs off down there.

  2. Oh, thanks for not being wordless about the nest! It seems like a large and rather deep nest, I’m trying to imagine the kind of bird that would call that home. Very interesting!

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