life on the rabbit trail…

I was just reviewing my timeline on Facebook, and it occurred to me that I could now check and see when I actually joined FB. Believe it or not, that was back in July of 2007. And sure enough, I came across one of my posted letters about my job, written a week or two after I got on FB. I spent five years as the head housekeeper of a Christian camp in PA, and this post (yes, long before I ever wrote a blog) was to give my friends and idea of what my life could be like. Care to take a walk with me, down memory lane? And yes, these pictures really were taken that same year.

July 26, 2007

I had considered entitling this “getting sidetracked, and other stories”, but I thought a rabbit trail was a much more appropriate description. Because in my field of work, you know that if you set out to do something, you WILL get it done… but not without being stopped and thwarted and sent off on many other trails in the process.

In my job, you know that …if you inform your housekeeping sidekick that you’ll be back in a few minutes, and you are only going to go get a bottle of liquid soap, you can guarantee that you’ll be back in an hour or more, because, of course, you’ll discover that your backup bottles of pump soap are all gone, so you have to go to the Tabernacle in order to swipe the bottle that resides there.

But in the process of going up the hill, the maintenance guys stop you to ask where the water-vac/shop-vac went to. Housekeeping, of course, hasn’t seen it since they vacuumed up glass in the parking lot and put it by the shanty. Well, maintenance hasn’t seen it since we took it to vacuum up the last washing machine overflow in the laundry room.

Mind you, this isn’t an argument, just a discussion that ends up with us both wondering who swiped it without telling us.

So, you continue up the hill and remember you need to flip the laundry, and while you’re up there, your boss calls to ask you to clean up the girls’ Tabernacle bathroom. You sit there and think “I just cleaned that bathroom”, but you go look and discover, of course, that a little kid completely missed the toilet and trailed it to the sink. And the Tabernacle bathroom floor is just cement, not tile or linoleum.

So, after Housekeeping deals with this, they get the bottle of soap and head back down, possibly getting stopped by a family camper, requesting a fluffier towel or extra soap bars in the cabin. Ok, you can handle this, so you put it on your mental list to do later.

And eventually you get back to the Inn, where your other housekeeper has probably thought you’ve gone MIA, if they even noticed that you were missing.

On another day, you may start off with your usual job of cleaning all the main bathroom areas. But since the Old Dining Room has multiple coffee and cocoa stains in the rug, you decided to come back there every fifteen minutes to move the SpotBot around, as it cleans the stains out of the carpet. Then you head to the Dining Room, to get a head start on the bathrooms there.

Of course, the sewer gas smell is coming out of the floor drain, as it likes to do for no apparent reason, so I get my special plastic pitcher and a large cup, which I use to pour water down the drain. This makes the smell go away. During which, your other three housekeepers are checking on the Tabernacle bathrooms and taking a long time. Where are they?

Well, of course, they went up to clean the toilets in the Tabernacle bathrooms, and found a frog under one of the seats. Oh, my, but that would’ve been a surprise for someone. And no, I don’t know how he got there. But they had to scream a bit while getting him off the seat, and then they lost him in the bathroom, because he has good camouflage. So, he may still be in there, stalking the toilets, for all I know.

After that, we got the towels and trash out of rooms, while I continued my trek back and forth to the Old Dining Room, to move the SpotBot and keep cleaning the rug. Eventually, we finished this, and started on exciting things like spring-cleaning the Lodge and cleaning up my Motel closet. The latter involved lots of laundry folding, as we were also keeping up with the laundry on the other side.

In the process, we found a mouse that had gone to its death in the sink, poor thing. It’s quite a big sink, and the rinse water from the washers come out into it. If a mouse decides, for some reason, to fall into the sink, it can’t get out, unless rescued. I did get Martain to take a live one out of the sink once, because I’d rather they didn’t drown.

So, as I removed the poor critter, we had a discussion of whether they might have the smarts to dog-paddle for a while, and then they just panic when the water starts going down the drain again. Or maybe they have a heart attack right at the start. I’m afraid we’ll never know.

Meanwhile, some of my other girls were spring-cleaning, and discussing the toxicity of mouse droppings, which apparently can make you sick. I hadn’t known that, but then, I don’t find them all THAT often. But they get into the Lodge occasionally, especially during the winter.

I know this, because the reason I washed the bedding in the Motel several months back, was because I found signs of mice in the bedding. Before anybody panics, I think they were having their New Year’s Eve bash in one of the beds, because I found what looked like confetti in one of the beds. But don’t worry, the beds are completely clean now.

And yes, today was a good day, because my golf cart didn’t decide to die. Because it hasn’t been unusual, any day in the last week, for me to charge it all night and then it dies going up a hill during the day. Go figure. But it happens, as do all these things, now and again. And all you have to do is turn the cart downhill and ride it down, and hopefully you’ll have enough momentum to get past the Dining Hall. If you don’t, however, you just hop out and run alongside it as you push. That’ll work, too.

So, keep some of this in mind, if you ever get sidetracked onto a rabbit trail. Especially MY rabbit trail.

One thought on “life on the rabbit trail…

  1. This is awesome! I laughed while reading this post because often I feel that my daily goals as a wife/mother follow a similar rabbit trail on the path to achieving ONE THING. Success (and mommy-ing) is rarely achieved in a straight line!

    As a PA resident, I’m curious as to where you were working.

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