Farewell, Andrew Breitbart…

I woke up, went online, and I think I first saw the news on Yahoo. If I hadn’t checked the BIG websites, I never would have believed it could be true. But it was. Andrew Breitbart has died. I still haven’t recovered from the shock. But while I never even met him, his dear wife and four children have just lost a husband and father. I’m praying for them, and hope you will, too.

Really, I say that I think the news was on Yahoo, but there’s no proof of that, now, because I can’t find it listed anywhere on Yahoo’s search page. And I’ve been checking all day. When there was just the possibility that Whitney Houston had died, it was listed at the top of the page. When there’s a rumor that Snooki might be pregnant, it’s on the front page. But when our country loses one of it’s greatest culture warriors, a giant of the conservative media, and a flat out good man, I can’t find a thing. Yes, that is our mainstream media for you.

I’ve got to get this out of my system. I love Emerald, but the only Aussies in town who have any idea of how American politics work, well, they’ve lived in the U.S. at some point. So, I have no one that I can talk to about the loss that my country barely realizes. And as far as I know, I’m the only one of my friends and family who reads Breitbart’s websites religiously, has read his book, and keeps up with his appearances at conservative and Tea Party functions. I’m floundering, and if I can’t talk about it on my blog, then what’s left?

I didn’t pay attention to politics, when I was growing up, though my dad talked about it enough for me to be aware of who was President, and what the problems were. I didn’t really know anything about Reagan, as he became President when I was a baby, and my awareness of George H. W. Bush only materialized when he lost his second election. I overheard discussions about Clinton, but I still didn’t soak much of it in. And though I’ve voted in every election since I turned eighteen, I didn’t really take a serious interest until I was well into my twenties.

Whether it started with Ann Coulter or Human Events, I’m no longer sure. Whichever it was, the one led me to the other. I picked up a copy of Coulter’s Treason, and was surprised and delighted to find it full of Cold War history. I barely remembered what I’d been taught in school, and I’m pretty sure that it was all wrong. So, finally figuring out what the Cold War was, as well as how it began… this was marvelous. From there, I read everything Coulter ever wrote, including High Crimes and Misdemeanors, even though the subject of Clinton’s sex life was pretty off-putting.

If Coulter’s books came first, I’m betting there were quotes from Human Events in them, which I then heard was Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper. I immediately got a paper (yes, the actual paper) subscription, but quickly found that I preferred reading the online articles. I’ve never looked back, getting hooked on reading internet pundits, as well as anything I can find on Cold War history and books that give the politically incorrect truth about our country.

Somewhere along the line, searching the pundit sites, I discovered BigHollywood.com. This website was created by Andrew Breitbart as a conservative group blog, where Hollywood conservatives could write about everything concerning movies, music, actors, and all the politics that are mixed into the lot. I loved the different viewpoints which were still all basically conservative, though the writers were of all types and religious backgrounds. Some were people I would get along with, some were people that I would be confused or intimidated by, but every one of them loved their country, and wanted to see change wrought in our culture.

I discovered BigHollywood right before Breitbart launched BigGovernment, and then in the following years, BigJournalism, and BigPeace. Each one of the BIGs had a different purpose and slant to its writing, and I’ll admit that I still read BigHollywood the most. But no matter where I was reading, Andrew Breitbart wasn’t avoiding his own creations. He regularly wrote articles for the sites, showing that he was still keeping up with the times, and his writing was always interesting, pertinent, and on-target. Also, fun!

As I did more reading, over the years, and watched his interviews, online, and finally read his book, I found out what Andrew Breitbart’s real purpose was in creating these websites. He called himself a “culture warrior”, as he believed that culture was upstream from politics. If you change the culture of a country, you’ll affect the politics. So, as the years have gone by, and our movies and music, and Hollywood itself have become more liberal, the conservative have been fighting over politics, but not attempting to fix the culture.

Andrew’s goal was to allow the conservatives of Hollywood to come out of hiding, be able to write on his blogs, and show that there were still people from the Right living there. He believed that the more people support conservative music and films, the more that Hollywood will take notice. Also, he wanted people to be aware of the things that liberal Hollywood says about us, as the actors have become activists, no longer hiding their contempt for Middle America.

If you read his book, Righteous Indignation, you’ll see how Andrew immediately understood the advantages of the Internet, which allowed him to get the conservative media narrative out there, when the mainstream media was only feeding us lies. Organizations like ACORN were brought down, because live footage of their corrupt dealings were published by Breitbart’s websites.

Next to Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart was probably the most popular speaker at any Tea Party rally, and whether on talk shows or just confronted on the street, he never backed down from any liberal argument. He was a fighter, and pulled no punches with anyone. I don’t like confrontation, myself, and will avoid them at all cost, so I’ve even been startled to watch videos of him verbally “hitting back”, when someone struck at him. Blunt, never intimidated, and right! Liberal activists didn’t know what to do with him.

And now he’s gone. Fifty years of “what-should-have-been” has flashed before my eyes. All the books he’ll never write, and the arguments he’ll never finish. So, it’s for us that he left behind to finish what he began, and take our culture back. To keep our government accountable for its actions. And to not allow the mainstream media to “rule the narrative”, as Andrew was wont to say.

I never met him, but because of everything I’ve been reading, seeing, and hearing from him for the last several years, I felt like I knew him. And I’m crushed that he’s gone.

Thank you, Andrew. For everything. We will miss you.

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