daily nothings…

As I sit here, munching on soya crisps and chocolate covered sultanas (raisins), I’m trying to think of something exciting or at least interesting to tell you. But I’m afraid it’s been a pretty normal, sweaty day, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. But give me a minute, and the rambling will start in earnest.

Just got back from the grocery store, where for the fifty millionth time, I cursed the designer of the Aussie shopping trolley (cart). I know, I’ve been complaining about this since I arrived in Australia, but it never gets any better. If someone can tell me why you choose to use shopping carts with no sense of direction, which required you to push them sideways, I would appreciate an explanation. Not only do they take up tons of extra room while pushing them, but you have to be extra cautious to not hit anyone, and people regularly move out of your way, knowing that a loaded cart is a death trap (for them).

I finally remembered to buy myself some more bug spray, and got a family-sized can of tropical strength Aerogard. Why is it that Aussie bug spray actually smells good? Both here and at home, they advertise “unscented”, which it never is, but at home, it smells strong (and sometimes awful), but here, people can mistake it for deodorant or even body spray. Until they see that your arms and legs are suspiciously shiny. It’s not every day that’s buggy, but I don’t take chances, because sometimes there are mosquitoes in the house when I get downstairs, and I don’t like starting my day with bug bites. I put the spray on before I go down, and usually put more on in the evening. If the midges are overwhelming, I’ll put it on at noon, just to hang out laundry.

I still haven’t packed any boxes to mail home. My trip still feels too far away, so I feel no pressure, yet. Besides, I still haven’t bought my tickets to Sydney, so until I visit Sydney at Easter, my trip home won’t arrive. But I will have to fill a box with books to send home, because despite limiting my book habit, while over here, I’ve still collected a few. Don’t worry, I pack well under pressure. Things will come together.

There’s a tiny purse that’s supposedly from Paris, sitting on my desk. Sadie was showing me the contents, which is mostly Canadian money, so I was explaining what all the pictures on the coins were. I couldn’t remember if the one was an elk or a caribou, but she told me, with assurance, that it was an elk. I took her word for it, despite knowing that she only chose it because she can’t pronounce caribou. When we reached the beaver coin, though, it occurred to me that she might not know what a beaver is.

So, we came upstairs, and I showed her some pictures online, attempted to find a video clip from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (couldn’t find one), and showed her a clip from Lady and the Tramp, instead. I had mistakenly believed that I was looking for a beaver from Winnie the Pooh, but now, I think there’s a gopher in the 100 acre Wood. Sadie found the beaver interesting, but not very much. And here I thought the idea of an animal being able to chew through wood (quickly) would be exciting.

I’m reading The Silent Tower, by Barbara Hambly, right now, but I haven’t finished it, so I’m not going to tell you about it. Ha HA.

I didn’t get to watch the Oscars, of course, but I asked my dad to record them for me. Not because I’m interested in the awards, but because I’d like to see what Billy Crystal has to say. His hosting of the Oscars, back when Return of the King won Best Picture, that was great fun. I still remember the scene in front of Minas Tirith, with Billy Crystal playing Pippin, and Jack Nicholson playing Gandalf. Hilarious.

Meanwhile, I enjoy looking at pictures of the dresses, just like any other girl, and wonder over the craziness of the idea that Angelina Jolie’s LEG is getting it’s own twitter page. Or something like that. Man, if I looked that good in a dress like that, with gams to match, I’d probably be flaunting it, too. You don’t WEAR a dress like that and not flaunt your leg.

I guess that’s about it for now. Hope you enjoyed the ramble.

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