I still haven’t written or mailed my Christmas cards. I know, this is really bad, but I intended to do them, and keep telling myself that I still can. Nobody will mind, as long as they get something in the mail from Australia, right? But what you originally intend doesn’t always happen. My getting sick over Christmas threw this one off, and I may never get to it. I’m going to try, but I will promise nothing, at this point.

My time in Australia is almost finished. In two months, I will fly from Rockhampton to Brisbane, have a 12-hour layover, then fly to Seoul, South Korea. From there, I’ll leave at 7pm-ish and fly straight to Atlanta, Georgia, where I’ll arrive at 7pm-ish. On the same day. Yes, I will now get back the day that I lost, when I flew over here. And spend an extra long time in a plane, in the process.

Going home… it’s so close, I can smell it. And when something is that attractive to you, but you can’t reach it, it’s harder to be patient. Of course, being really tired hasn’t helped, but I can finally say that homesickness has kicked in with a vengeance. I want to be home right now. But I can’t, I have to be patient. Ever hated having some grownup tell you to be patient, when you were younger? Well, it doesn’t feel any better, when you’re telling yourself.

It’s even tempting to start packing, but since I still have to plan a trip to Sydney and Canberra, I can’t do that. Not like I’d be really psycho enough to live out of my suitcase, when I don’t have to, but maybe it would help. Instead, I am planning what to mail home, rather than pay for overweight suitcases. I’m debating how to bring two Akubras home, without packing them in a suitcase. Since wearing two at the same time would look odd, I’ll probably wear one, and carry the other.

I find myself looking at the left side of the car, wanting to get in the car on that side. I drove an SUV, the other day, and it felt so much like my own car that I wanted to drive with my left hand, and my right hand wanted to reach for the stick-shift. It was like I could see a ghostly hand reaching through the door for the stick-shift that wasn’t there. Don’t worry, I was stuck in traffic, at the time, so in no danger of doing something stupid while I was distracted.

Don’t worry, there is no danger of me suddenly starting to drive on the right side of the road and endangering everyone around me. My Aussie friends can continue to drive safely, without fear of crazy Americans on the road.

I plan to send a box of books home, and take advantage of the media mail price option. I did keep my book-buying to a minimum, but I still have more than I want to put in my suitcase. I will also load up my Akubra box with pants, some shorts, and shoes, and mail that. As I wouldn’t dream of wearing pants in this weather, most of them are unnecessary at this time. Likewise, with my black boots. This is flip-flop and sandal weather.

In the meantime, I shall do my best to conquer my anti-social tendencies. If you thought I was an extrovert, then you’ve got another guess coming. When overwhelmed by being around tons of people for a long time, you need to go somewhere quiet to recharge. That’s why I’ve eaten out so much while I’ve been over here. But when the homesickness kicks in, I may get quiet and even want to avoid friends. Because other friends are a reminder of those that you can’t be with, even if that makes no sense to anyone else.

But don’t worry, I haven’t completely retreated into my shell, and I don’t plan to. I’m just slapping myself regularly, to keep from giving in to these tendencies. Because I do want to spend all the time that I can with my Aussie friends, so feel free to give me a hand (or a slap), if I ‘m looking too quiet for my own good. I’ll snap out of it. And then I’ll make you doubt once more that I could possibly be an introvert.  : )

And for those American friends of mine that are looking forward to my return, don’t worry. I’m coming. Seabrook will be back to normal once more, and I’ll be making some road trips in my CRV, as soon as I hit American soil.

2 thoughts on “ghost-driving…

  1. (this is really a silly, fluffy question, but…) Do you drive a standard CR-V? I loved my CR-V and all the more for it being a standard. It was a 2004 and it was black and the only reason I’m not driving it now is because we couldn’t fit three carseats across the backseat. It was the only vehicle that I’ve ever purchased new, and I had to travel to a larger, more metropolitan area to find it. That was after the local Honda sales-guy said, “oh honey, you don’t want a standard.”

    Excuse me, but that’s why I *asked* if you had one with standard transmission. (Fortunately, despite one turd on the sales-force, our local dealership has a stellar service department; unfortunately, I’ve spent some time there – with three kids in tow – to service our Odyssey.)

    Anyways. Vehicles matter, even to women. Be sure to note what you drive on your dating profile! 😉

    • I had to look that up, to make sure I replied correctly. Yes, I drive a standard (manual, stick-shift) CR-V, and I love it! Mine’s a 2000, and I got it in ’04. Right now, it’s making the rounds with different family members, as most of us enjoy driving manual, also. Some of my guy friends have been mightily impressed that I drive one, especially when they don’t know how to drive ’em themselves. And I only let people I know well and trust (and don’t find annoying) drive it, so most guys I know have never driven it. Ha HA.

      Yes, what you drive does matter. When I was younger, I wanted a truck, and then eventually realized that everything I put in the back would get wet, if I put it back there. I’ve been an SUV person, ever since, and the CR-V is the best for it’s size and gas mileage. My cousin had a RAV4, but it was never as roomy.

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