kennedy & grace…

There must be some special etiquette for taking pictures inside of stores, but I don’t really know what it is. I’m assuming that many people use their iPhones to take pictures as they go about their business, permitted or not. But since I don’t have a fancy phone that allows you to be subtle, I have to stick with my camera. In fact, since the zoom froze on my Canon, I haven’t used it for anything at all, so I have to take pictures with my Nikon. That isn’t a bad thing, mind you, but “subtle” doesn’t exactly describe a Nikon camera.

So, on this beautiful Saturday, to escape my room and prove that I haven’t completely wasted my Saturday (Does washing a comforter that a cat pooped on count as being constructive? Or do I mean productive? I forget.), I went to get some food, and then wandered into some stores. Because nothing’s as constructive/productive as shopping, right?  : )

After a long conversation in the Highland Homewares store with some people I knew, as well as spending a long time debating over some perfume (my arms now come in four scents!), I hurried to one last little shop, right before they closed. The early hours that most of these stores close at had caught up with me, as it was just 1pm. Then I noticed some new furniture sitting next door, and went to investigate. And I discovered the store, Kennedy & Grace.

Their business card reads Kennedy & Grace, Interiors. Does that just mean Interior Design? It certainly carried everything required to make the interior of your home look delightful. My first impression, design-wise, was that the store seemed to be a cross between a haven for some fun, modern decor, as well as some antique-y looking items. The colors, the variety, the mix of old and new, the cool factor! It had it all! I immediately wished that my cousin Sarah and several other of my friends could come and check it out. I also wished I could buy a bunch of items and bring them home, but the total amount, money and weight-wise, would probably incapacitate my bank account and my suitcase.

Now, I just happened to have my camera in my purse. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually carry it everywhere, and I don’t take pictures constantly. And not being as brave as some people take me for, I decided to go out on a limb and ask permission to take some pictures of a few things inside the store. Because, in the absence of the knowledge of etiquette (if there is any for this), you dig through your reservoir of good manners, and apply the correct one. In this case, politely asking permission to take pictures, for use on my blog. To my great happiness, the owner told me to go right ahead, so I had at it.

There’s a lot of fabric in their store, and I believe they will upholster whatever you like, or maybe just their particular design in couch. I wasn’t doing a newspaper article, so I wasn’t asking lots of questions. The fabric section made me again wish for some of my crafty friends, and I thought the signs and Audrey Hepburn pillows would be a delight to some others’ hearts.

As for me, I fell in love with the haphazard-looking bookshelf in the room with the red chandelier (but then, when do I not fall in love with bookshelves?), as well as the flower lamps. I may still return for those bend-and-twist-how-you-like lotus flower lamps, before I leave Australia. The Victoria hat rack was another favorite of mine, but I’m really going to need a hat rack for my two Akubras, and that one won’t be big enough. Le sigh.

At first glance, I thought the large letters on the walls and shelves were made of wood, but on closer examination, I found them to be very sturdy, not very heavy, and made of metal. Oh, I’m tempted. I’m in love with the lockers, up at the front of the store, but even if someone hadn’t already reserved them, I’d have trouble putting them into my luggage. And if I were a pillow person, I’d love to take one of those Great Southern pillows home with me, but unfortunately (or fortunately for my suitcase), I’m not. The only pillows I ever buy are extremely soft and huggable, as my friends will tell you.

I didn’t end up buying anything, but I certainly plan to return there, many times, before returning to the U.S.  It’ll be nice to see what they have on display, after Valentine’s Day, as I’m not really in the market for any LOVE signs right now. I would like to take the lotus flower lamp home, at the very least, but we’ll see what else I end up with. And I hope some of my local friends will discover this lovely store, too, so that Kennedy  Grace will stick around, in Emerald, for a long time!

7 thoughts on “kennedy & grace…

  1. I love stores like that, too. That red chandelier, were it in white and my husband would just agree already, would be hanging over my dining room table now – two of them (I need two). All of the images/text about New York City have me wondering: is that a popular design trend amongst the Aussies? I mean, when you meet someone new and they learn that you’re American, do they eventually ask you if you’ve been to/live near NYC?

    Just wondering. Signs like those (vertically oriented with variable sized text/font – and the “Keep Calm”) are very trendy over here right now, even the ones about New York City, though most of the ones that I see are of the “lists of things to remember” variety (“Always kiss goodnight/Live, laugh, love often/Hold Hands/etc.).

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a huge trend over here, but I’m not sure. I enjoy the signs, but since I’ve seen some of them at home, I wouldn’t buy myself one. What I like is the mix of antique and trendy, though I prefer the old bookshelves and stuff to the pillows. My library was always an eclectic mix, so I like the variety of colors, especially vibrant ones. I love drawers and cool looking cupboards, so the lockers were a fav. I’ve yet to have someone ask if I live in or near NYC. They ask where I’m from, and when I say the U.S., if they had already guessed that, they’ll ask more specifically. I don’t think I dress trendy enough for them to think I’m from there, though. Or the other question being, would someone who lived in NYC want to move to Emerald for a year? Definitely a step towards the boondocks, though not quite out in the outback, you know.

      I’m a Pier 1 kind of girl, well, not everything in it, but I love the variety of styles and different furniture and bright colors, as I said. So this store was as close as I’ve come, as well as being the closest thing to an antique store.

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