otherworldly skies…

I was doing something, either filling the dishwasher or folding laundry, when I looked out the window. And the tableau before me caused me to drop what I was doing and go tearing up the stairs for my camera. The kids probably wondered if I’d gone mad.

But while the trees and grass were lit to a brilliant green by the blazing sunshine, all the sky on the horizon was dark. And the dark clouds were so close that it seemed that we should be overshadowed, as well. Once I went out onto the veranda, though, I was able to look up high, and see that the sun was glaring down from HIGH above those dark clouds.

Hence, my need to take several pictures, both from the veranda, and from the trampoline. It’s at times like these that I wish for a platform on the roof or a window from the second floor, because it would give me SUCH a view of the surrounding area, as well as every glorious sunset.

But in the absence of the necessary height, the trampoline worked, at a pinch, and my timing was impeccable. As soon as I reached the veranda, the sky got dark and the wind picked up. In short order, we had a huge storm blowing through, with relatively little rain. We shut the main door on the west side of the house, shut all the windows, and listened to the wind whistle through the cracks. When a large metal bucket went sailing along the porch, along with an old Akubra, I went out to get them.

Meanwhile, the temperature and the humidity dropped, and the kids and I looked for ways to pass the time. None of them were bothered by the storm, but they might’ve been, if we’d had a power outage.

Instead, I took pictures of Bubby on her “pulpit”, where she bellowed at us, and practiced flexing her muscles. That’s what it looks like she’s doing, but really, I think she’s fascinated that she can tense her muscles, which is why she gets such a funny expression on her face when she does it.

We then started a lineup of poses, where one kid did something, and the other had to do it, also. Emmie is a tomboy, so her curtsy was more comedic than graceful. They were all capable of doing Bubby’s somersault pose, though. Until Bub’s arms got tired, and she landed on her head.

Yes, storms are beautiful and amazing. But so are the antics of children, in their own way. Wouldn’t you say?

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