a river runs over it…

I’ve been told that the flooding thus far is normal for this area, and that we’re not likely to have a flood like last year. To reach those heights, the water would have to rise above the railroad bridge… which means we have a ways to go. Which is fine by everyone in the area, as there are still plenty of people that haven’t recovered from last year’s flood.

Autumn in May


Meanwhile, the John Gay Bridge is underwater, and I thought I’d go take some pictures, since the weather was so nice today. Yes, it’s in the 90’s and I was dripping under my Akubra, but at least the humidity has dropped for a while.

Autumn in May. See the big trees to the right of the bridge?

This is now. Can you find the big trees again?

I started on our side of the bridge, and then drove the long way around town to park at the Botanic Gardens, by the windmill. I haven’t yet found a good place to park in order to take pictures of the river under the railway bridge. But the view’s pretty good from the other end of the Gardens.

This is May. Can you see the big hollow tree on the right?

This is now. See the big hollow tree, again?

Some of you may recall my post about the Botanic Gardens from back in May, shortly after I arrived in Australia. But for the rest of you, I dug a few of them out, so that you can compare. The last ones I’ll post from my walk there in the autumn will give you a good idea of how much space is under that bridge, because you can generally walk under it, on the path.

I’m a bit flabbergasted, too, over the picture comparisons. I mean, I know the road dips down there, but I wouldn’t have guessed that much depth could be under the water. It’s a wonder the road bridge and the foot bridge even stay there, if they get flooded every year.

Now, for those of my friends at home who are worried about me having run-ins with wildlife, I really didn’t get that close to the water. I used my zoom lens, and wasn’t anywhere near the edge. My Aussie friends assure me that there are no crocs this far inland, but I think I’ll still keep my firmly away from the river’s edge.

And thankfully, though we’ve had plenty of rain, having the John Gay Bridge over the Nogoa River out of commission is the worst I’ve seen in town. I know of some friends, out on large properties, that are stuck there, with their creeks and rivers flooded. Again, not as bad as last year, but still, stuck is stuck. Even the Utes can’t handle some of these water levels.

But for now, I think we’ll just hope the river levels don’t get any higher, and I’ll keep coating myself with Bushman’s insect repellent. We have several “ponds” around us, after all the rain, and the “mozzies” are breeding like it’s going out of style. I wish it would go out of style, actually. But since I’m unwilling to wear jeans (like I would in the U.P.), bug spray is here to save your life. And it has DEET in it! Ha, take that, American environmentalists.  : )

Oh, and here are just some beautiful pics I took right before getting home. It was a beautifully bright, sunny day. And I mean bright. Does the sun shine brighter anywhere else on the planet? I doubt it.

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