amidst the gardens…

When we went to Blackwater, we intended to visit the Coal Centre, but it turns out that they close at 5pm, and the front doors were shut by 4:30pm. A bit of a letdown, as we’d driven 45 minutes from Emerald, dropped Mrs. B at her meeting, and the skies were threatening rain. Also, the kids had been promised their smoko from the cafe.

So, I stared at the closed doors for a moment and then took them to the Subway, which was next door. Thankfully, they had chocolate and strawberry milk, just as the kids had been promised, we had some craziness over choosing cookies, and we split two bags of chips. Then, out we went to visit the gardens.

Now, the kids called it the Chinese Garden, but according to the website, there’s a Japanese Garden and something called a Timeless Garden. I have yet to figure out if there was another garden hiding in the back, or if we were in two gardens, without knowing it. I don’t recall any mid-garden border that read “You are now crossing into the Timeless Garden. Be at peace.”, or something like that.

The signs did say to keep off the grass, so I made my best attempt at keeping the kids either on the path or on the rocks, but of course, it didn’t work. We compromised, by eating our smoko in the gazebo, and putting our litter in the trash bin. Other people had not been so kind.

After Bubby spilled most of her chocolate milk down her front, and I was in danger of using all the wipes to clean her up, we finished our snacks, the rain held off, and the wind held up. We proceeded to take advantage of several cool spots around the garden, to take pictures in.

I didn’t see as much of the gardens, up close, as the girls did, as I was doing my best to keep Bubby away from the ponds.  To help distract her, we had the three little girls sit on a big rock, and the older girls danced and shouted and acted completely crazy, trying to keep Bubby looking at them, and not climbing off the rock. We then proceeded to our “bridge shoot”, where I wanted pics of her on the bridge, but I didn’t want her deciding to jump in, so Bea and Kit were close at hand.

The funny part of this, was when the older girls joined Bubby on the bridge, and stood there looking serious, Bubby tried her best to copy them, by putting her hands behind her back, and just stood there looking so proud of herself. Then, all the girls went out there, and tried to get Bub to hold her hands up, like them. She decided this meant they were about to jump. Fortunately, they had their eyes on her, and she hasn’t learned how to do more than bounce up and down.

Their mom finished early and came to join us, so we finished our photo shoot in the giant drag line bucket, at the front of the Coal Centre. The reason the girls are all clustered around Bub is that there was a ton of water in the back of the bucket. Bubby wanted to go jump in it, so Emmie kept a good grip on her.

The trip back, like the trip there, was your normal crazy ride with five kids, with plenty of “stop touching me!”, tired, shrieking babies, and fighting over who gets to use the iPad next. Basically, every mom will be used to this type of car trip, and I salute you all for taking it daily, or at least, several times a week. I love my girls, but it takes a lot of energy and patience to keep up with them, as you moms well know.

I hope to visit the Coal Centre sometime soon, as I’ve been told it’s really nice and interesting, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about that, and get some more garden pictures, too. I’m exhausted, so it’s time to get off. Ninety-seven percent humidity will do that to you!

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