After a post or two about some good books, I feel like there’s no possible way to follow them up. Everything else will be dull and uninteresting. So, advancing from that premise, I can talk about anything I want to, because it will all end with the same result. Ahhhh, the relief.

I’m having trouble settling on any one topic, but that’s probably because the heat has fried my brain. No, really, when all you do, all day long, is sweat and continue to drink water and Gatorade, how can you possibly have any serious thoughts about anything? Before anybody makes any smart remarks about “glistening”, I don’t sweat much, in general. But in this heat, you have to… or else you curl up and die, I suppose.

I put my Akubra hat on to go outside and hang up the laundry, as the temperature’s been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the last three days, and no one in their right mind would run the dryer. Of course, we rarely use the dryer anyway, but you’d need to have a death wish to use it now. And when the signs by the railroad say that the heat’s in the extreme danger section, and we’re not supposed to light a fire for any reason, not for barbecuing or burning leaves, could running a dryer cause an explosion, too? It’s an interesting thought, but I’m not testing it out. It’s bad enough that my girls still like to make cookies, using the oven, on days like this.

Of course, I have the coldest room in the house, so I have somewhere to retreat from scorching temperatures. Everybody else goes to visit the pool. I like the pool, too, but I’m afraid I’ve been a bit of a chicken about it, ever since my ear ache came back for a while. It seems to have cleared up, so I really need to go see the doctor, hopefully for the very last time, here in Australia.

I know, it’s probably asking a bit much, but considering I’m only in Australia for FOUR MORE MONTHS, you’d think it wouldn’t be that much to ask, to stay away from the doctor? Good grief, I still don’t know what my doctor looks like, back home, and here, I have no trouble recognizing him, and prefer him to both doctors I had to see over vacation.

Time’s going to fly by, now, so those of you at home waiting with bated breath for my return… I’m coming! My friends have reminded me that I will miss the March conference at GWH (have we decided on a real name for it, yet?), but it will be the last one that they have to survive without me. Yay! So, you’ll have to play Apples to Apples without me, and if you actually get to play volleyball (if so, it will be a first in the last two years, and I will be immensely jealous!)… well, I’ll have to pick up some more volleyball scars at another time. Maybe at the Labor Day conference. Booyah, I’m coming!

Strangely enough, speaking of the March conference and GWH, I was reading Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods (I knew there was something else I could talk about, in another post!), and he mentioned stopping off in Caledonia State Park, and being unable to find the Appalachian Trail from there, because of the bad maps. I wanted to laugh, because Caledonia is a pretty dull park, but I happen to know exactly where the AT is, because I lived just down the road from it, for years!

What else goes on here? Aside from the soaring temperatures (somebody was telling me that asphalt was melting in some places), the kids are still on vacation, so life is very full and lively. The baby has a mild case of conjunctivitis, so she gets the joy of having us wipe her eyes with eye drops and cotton balls, now and then. And it only makes her a little more fussy than usual, however, carrying a sweaty, crying baby, in this weather… well, I’m sure you get the idea.

The girls are preparing for school, putting name labels on all their gear, including individual pencils and markers (is this normal in Australia?), and getting new shoes. Sadie’s getting ready to start kindergarten, which is very exciting, and she and Emmie are each getting a new uniform to wear. There is endless squealing over how cute they are, when they try on their slightly-too-big uniforms.

The cat went into heat again, causing her to make untold amounts of noise and to hiss at her two remaining kittens, whenever they hove into sight. Or when they aren’t in sight. I think it’s because we recently found out that they’re boys, and she objects to boys at this time, especially when they’re related to her. So, at the moment, she’s in the closet for the night, as they’re all three getting fixed, tomorrow. We’ve been over this with the girls, several times. Dusty’s not allowed to eat, from 6pm and until after her surgery tomorrow, so DON’T OPEN THE CLOSET. I expected caterwauling, but they tell me she’s really in the closet.

We’ve had some thunder storms at night, though the rain isn’t causing the temperature to drop at all. So, when it began, last night, the doors began to slam shut. With the downstairs being so warm and humid, I opened the door, this morning, and found some poor frog had lost its life in the slamming. I felt sorry for it, but more sorry for myself, as I had to clean up the disgusting mess.

What else? I’ll try and post about Bryson’s book, or some general stuff I’ve been reading, soon. I’m starting Detection Unlimited, by Georgette Heyer, and trying to figure out why I don’t remember (yet) what happens. I know the plot, backwards and forwards, in all her other mysteries. I considered reading Venetia, but decided I still needed a little time before I read it next. I’ve read some of them SO many times, I still have  wait it out, occasionally. And one downside to a Kindle is that you can’t just open the book anywhere and start reading. Which stinks, really. One of the glories of an actual, paper book, is being able to start reading anywhere you like, and jump around… or even read the book backwards, if you want.

Sorry for the ramblings. Blame it on the heat, if it makes you feel better.

[P.S. I just realized that this is my 200th post. Three cheers for me!]

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