ringing in the new year…

Happy New Year!

When I think of some ways to welcome the New Year, I remember the scene in Show Boat, where Kathryn Grayson is singing “After the Ball is Over”, while her father encourages her to smile for the audience. What better way to spend the New Year, than with family and friend, no matter what you’re doing? I’m not with my family, of course, but my friends are definitely taking good care of me.

Here’s wishing you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

As for this blog, I’ll be taking a bit of a break for the next week. My friend and I will be going to stay somewhere with no internet, for a few days. But aside from that, I’m still recovering from the run of antibiotics I had this week. They really messed me up and recovering from it is keeping me worn out completely. So, as much as I want to tell you about our outing to Australian Outback Spectacular! (A Tribute to Phar Lap), the time it takes me to get photos uploaded from here and the energy required from me… I just don’t have it right now.

So, when I get back to Emerald, in about a week, I’ll start filling you in on the Spectacular, as well as our trips to the beach, Montville, and the Australia Zoo. Along with anything else we come up with.

Meanwhile, I’m going back to watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo performance on tv. Apparently, it shows in Edinburgh in August, but always plays here for New Year’s Eve. And yes, there’s no doubt that the narrator is Bill Paterson of Amazing Grace, Wives and Daughters, and Little Dorrit.


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