blast that pie…

I really don’t know what happened. I was having such a good day with baking. I made Christmas cut-out cookies, but I’ll post about that later. No problems with them. I made two pumpkin pies, several nights ago, with no problem. So what went wrong this time?

Kit was going to help, so I measured out the butter, though it’s always a bit of a guesstimate. I thought I had it right, though. Then we mixed the flour and butter together with a fork, and it seemed to be doing fine. Finally, I added some water, and presto, it all came together like cookie dough, instead of the pie crust it was supposed to be turning into. Maybe there was too much butter? I added some more flour, and things improved.

Then, we put it on the counter and started rolling it out. It wasn’t sticky, nor was it stiff and dry because of flour. But every time I tried to pick up the crust to put in the pan, it started to break apart. Not in occasional spots, all over. Very much like I was trying to make cookie dough into crust.

My temper was up, and after turning it back into a ball, several times, adding flour, adding some water… nothing changed. And I didn’t want to have to make a pie again, tomorrow, so I told that stupid crust, I was going to make it into a pie, by hook or by crook. I ended up putting that ball of dough into the pie pan, pounding it flat, and then used my fingers to press it out. Over the entire pan, though I ended up not having enough to crimp. And then, after a few inches of crimping, it wouldn’t hold together anymore. I gave up.

Together went the pumpkin mixture, into the crust it went, and then into the oven. I’ve managed to get the oven to light TWICE today, even if a pie crust has managed to give me hell. At present, it’s in the oven, my phone alarm is set, and I’ll go check on it in about 35 minutes. I’m hoping that even if there was too much butter and not enough flour that it’ll still come out fine. I don’t know if the pumpkin will leak through the crust or what, though. Here’s hoping it all works out.

Originally, I had intended to finish the day with making press cookies, but by the time I was completely furious over the pie, I was in the mood to kill someone or something. Since I don’t want to be arrested for murder, nor do I want to crush my grandma’s cookie press, I decided to save that for the morning. The girls are looking forward to seeing how the press works.


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