lullabies no more…

Is it the passing of an era? My Bubby can no longer be sung to sleep. Soothed and lulled into not talking, but never to sleep. She has reached the age where, if she’s tired, she lets you know, and promptly goes to sleep on your shoulder. If she is NOT tired, she lets you know by refusing to go to sleep. Ok, she’ll often cuddle and rest her head on your shoulder for hours (well, it seems like it), but once you put her in the crib, she either wants out, or enjoys some play time… until she still wants out. (For the record, I actually DO know what ‘era’ means.)

So, though I still sing to her, it’s not nearly as much, and I tend to fall back on the same handful, including “Will I Ever Tell You?” (The Music Man), “On the Front Porch With You” (Summer Magic), “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful” (Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella), “Something Wonderful” (The King and I), “Edelweiss” (The Sound of Music), and “Out of My Dreams” (Oklahoma!).

Speaking of music, I tried to dig out my Christmas music, but ran into some problems. My mp3 player has some issues with Frank Sinatra. Don’t know what, but maybe they had issues in a past life. I also didn’t have all of my Christmas music on the mp3 player, but I couldn’t bring my laptop downstairs to play through the stereo. Why? Well, Mrs. B was cleaning tons of kitty poo from behind the TV and stereo, so that area was unavailable. But some of the wires were so coated with dried cat poo that it couldn’t all be gotten off (It was a ginormous amount, I assure you). So, she pitched those wires into the garbage, and they were the ones that connected the stereo to the speakers. We’re now waiting for Mr. B to get back, so he can buy new ones.

Anyway, no playing the laptop through the speakers for another day or two. But while trying to transfer some more Christmas music onto my mp3 player, I found that when I left the U.S., I didn’t put all the Christmas music from my desktop onto my laptop. Ok, so back in March, I didn’t see any reason why I needed to transfer Christmas music by Michael Crawford, Billy Gilman, Linda Eder, etc… onto the laptop. Or I just plain forgot. Now I wish I’d done it. Also, the Christmas Classic mixes, but those might not have actually made it onto the desktop, either, because I liked listening to the actual CDs.

Now, I still enjoy my Christmas selection, but I was a little worried, now and then, about what the family thought of either Celine Dion’s Christmas disc or Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Oh, so then I remembered to play some Dean Martin, as the Frank Sinatra stuff still wasn’t cooperating. Oh, and I also had the holiday CDs by Enya and Burl Ives. Go together well, don’t they?

Having finished my cup of coffee and enjoyed a little quiet time, I’m off to flip the laundry loads and then get to folding. There’s work to be done!

One thought on “lullabies no more…

  1. I remember when Chris ceased allowing me to sing him to sleep. It was a sad, sad day. Now anytime anyone sings he gets upset – not sure why. Precocious child, to be sure 🙂

    Believe it or not, there are a few Christmas CDs I think you might like. Maybe. Bob Bennett came out with one in the past year or so, I forget the title. And Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn (a married couple) have a fantastic Christmas CD out together. And Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb of God” is a favourite. If you’re looking for good, free music, check out NoiseTrade – you can leave a donation but you don’t have to, lots of artists on there. It’s my guilty pleasure.

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