vacation bites…

I would like to know if the mosquitoes are invisible in my room, or if I’m actually getting bit by real “no-see-ums”. Because I’ve been wearing socks and sneakers all day, and the second I take them off and sit down, I end up with several bug bites on my toes. The only worse place to be bit is on the bottom of your foot, because then scratching an itch is somehow painful. Or if you’re wearing shoes, you can only stamp your feet and squirm, because nothing else helps.

As it is, I’m sitting here in my PJs, drinking a cuppa joe, and wearing bug spray. I do not appreciate having to do this, but I’m not getting under my mosquito netting yet. Oh, and if you’re worried about me and the “mozzies”, I really don’t get that many of them in here, especially now that I can keep the door closes (AC, you know), but I also use the mosquito netting as a safety net, which keeps gecko droppings, spiders, and other falling objects off of me. That netting equals peace of mind, which allows me to sleep.

Speaking of which, the vacation bug is biting. Or is that the longing-for-vacation bug? Who cares. Having just gone over the dates with my friend and then cleared them with Mrs. B, I’m getting THREE weeks of vacation, instead of two. Isn’t that awesome? Ok, I’m not looking forward to the packing, but that’s neither here nor there. And reviewing the calendar, said vacation is coming up in 1.5 weeks. Since I have trouble remembering that Christmas is coming, already, I’m planning my new litany for every day until then… “one and half weeks, only one and a half weeks”. Which, by then, will be completely incorrect. But if I keep it up until this weekend, I might remember to get my suitcase out, buy some Christmas presents for my kids, and do the myriad other things that need doing.

For example, if I’m going away for three weeks, then I need to empty the memory cards on my cameras COMPLETELY. It is time to start burning a bunch of CDs, so I can clear all that space. Because even if I don’t blog too regularly while I’m away, I’ll be catching up when I get back.

So, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be visiting Townsville, to see the Great Barrier Reef, then driving from Townsville to Brisbane (17-18 hr trip), and then spending the rest of my vacation visiting the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, as well as the nearby Hinterlands. By the way, the roads here in AUS aren’t like our interstates back home. They have some freeways around the big cities (Brisbane, Sydney, etc.), but the rest are like our state highways back home. This won’t be completely smooth sailing, with bathroom stops every ten minutes, but on the other hand, I’ll be able to see a good stretch of Australia, by car. I really haven’t seen much of it yet, if you’ve been keeping track.

Alright, I’ve gotta get some beauty sleep. Have a great week, wherever you are!

5 thoughts on “vacation bites…

  1. Wow, three weeks to explore Australia!! I envy you. You could drive around the whole country in that amount of time, couldn’t you? Will you be staying in hotel/motel or what? I guess that could get costly. But what fun! Can any of your new friends there do some of it with you? More fun with a friend, right? Keep me updated on what you see, will you?

    • No, could not drive the whole country. AUS is as big as the U.S., minus Alaska. 🙂 No hotels, we’ll be with my friend’s family, in Brisbane and Townsville. Just one friend, everybody else has different plans for Christmas.

    • Since you’ve never commented on my blog before, the first time you comment, it has to be approved. Now that your posts have been approved, they won’t await moderation.

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