sardines in the house…

I can see how today could have been much worse. It rained all day, so Bea wasn’t able to go mustering, like she’d planned. So, I had all five girls in the house, and things could very easily get lively. I don’t think it started off well, because Bea was hiding from Emmie (which I didn’t know), and it escalated into me spending fifteen minutes looking for her. By that time, I couldn’t figure out whether she’d gone for a bike ride without telling me. Kit having told me she didn’t know where her sister was, I was starting to get a little worried, when Bea came out of hiding.

Of course, they thought it was hilarious, but I was ticked off at having been lied to, when I’m responsible for their whereabouts. I don’t need to be spending tons of time searching for children, unless we’re playing hide-and-seek. So, after I figured out to approach the problem, we had another talk, where I did my best to explain why they couldn’t hide from me and how lying to me is not acceptable, even if they think it’s only a joke. I’m swift on the uptake, so if they’re hiding from someone else (Emmie, Sadie, Bubby), they’re capable of getting the point across to me, without letting the other sibling in on the secret.

Things improved after this. The little girls watched Playschool and Bubby finally went down for her nap. At which time, it occurred to me that playing Sardines would be the perfect game for this group. The little girls do fine, even though they’re helped a lot. After explaining the rules, I’d help one of the little girls to hide and then let the others know it was time to look for them.

After a while, I got a turn. If you’ve kept up with my kitten posts, there’s a shelf that they lived on for a month or more. The floor is the next level down, and though it’s all a closet of shelves, the bottom one is a bit taller, and the length of the shelf closet… well, I could almost stretch out full length. Ignoring the possible existence of spiders in the webs I was tangled in, I got comfortable and even used some clothes to cover myself. It took them at least ten minutes before one kid even peered into that closet. Then, Bea climbed in with me and there wasn’t any room left for another. We had a great time, shouting every once in a while, but they still didn’t look and find us.

Lunch was a little late, because of playing that game, but after naptime and TV shows, I suggested another round. But the little girls wanted to build a “cubby” (tent) instead. So, I helpfully moved all the chairs over and they brought all the pillows for the floor. Bubby thought this was great, though she occasionally tried to pull the “roof” down. Her new favorite discovery was that she could hang by her hands from the side of the table, now that the chairs were removed.

My workday ended, but we did actually have another round of Sardines, afterwards. I miscalculated on space, trying to fit my upper half into the innards of Kit’s desk chair, and the rest of me under her desk (it’s a director’s chair, with a pink cover). I didn’t quite fit, and though Mrs. B attempted to fix the problem (with 10 seconds to go!), the chair still looked like it was breathing, when the girls came into the room.

For those who’ve been keeping up with the kittens (who are almost three months old), two of them are going to be adopted after Christmas, and we’re working on finding homes for the rest. Another was claimed, and then the family backed out. Meanwhile, the kittens seem to use the litter tray AND the outdoors (I’ve seen them go outside, and then bury it), but some or all of them still like to go amongst the wires, behind the TV. So, the scent of kitty poo is a good reminder that we really do want them all to find their own families.

They’re not little anymore, not by a long shot. I was looking at their newborn pics, yesterday, and the changes are crazy! They haven’t quite caught up with Dusty, for size, but they’re getting there. Today, for the first time, she batted them away when they tried to nurse (they were down to occasional snacks), so the weaning process is just about complete. They run around outside, climb trees, and chase birds, lizards, frogs, and bugs. But if one is by itself, in the dark, they’ll wail that they’re lost, hoping someone will find them.

So, I know that we need the rain, but I don’t really appreciate it keeping all the kids inside. However, the cooler temperatures are nice, too. We’ll just see how this goes, as it’s supposed to rain and/or storm a good bit for the rest of the week.

The yawning picture that we WON'T show prospective owners.

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