this time of year…

Though I’m in Australia, and find it practically impossible to remember that Christmas is coming (if it was 80 degrees, every day, would you remember?), I occasionally manage to beat that piece of information into my head. Ok, to be honest, when I was living in PA, I had trouble remembering, too, even if it was snowing hard and I was vacuuming pine needles from under the Christmas tree, in the Inn.

The only times I really remember is when I’m at home, helping to do the usual decorating for our house. So, I don’t know if the decorating has started without me, yet, but I know they’ll get to the same stuff soon, this year.

I start the night off right by filling a CD changer with my favorite Christmas discs, and the first one to blast off is always Celine Dion. That would usually be followed by some of my “modern” favorites for Christmas, Billy Gilman, Michael Crawford, Linda Eder, Hayley Westenra, and several others. But the other changers would be loaded with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, and then the classics. And Handel’s The Messiah is always ready to be played.

So, while the sounds of Celine Dion fill the room, with me singing along, at the top of my lungs, my brothers start putting the Christmas tree together, while I get all the Christmas lights out and string them across the floor. If part of a string’s out, I’ll spend ages trying to figure out which bulb is causing the problem, and more often than not, I succeed. It’s fun!

Once the tree has been assembled, the boys clear out, having lost interest in decorating the tree, sometime back when they were under the age of ten. Mom and I take over, putting the lights on the tree, then several strings of red beads, and then it’s time to bring up the boxes of ornaments, if we haven’t done so already.

Over the next day or two, we decide which ornaments are going up, as some of the older or more worn out ornaments get left in the boxes. By this time, the small tree for the front hall has been brought up. This tree, which is a little shorter than I am, has only white lights, so we put all the white, silver and gold ornaments on it. Also, anything fragile or very beautiful. The more fun and colorful ornaments go on the big tree.

When the trees are up, the manger scenes and other decorations come out, as well. We definitely get into the spirit of decorating for Christmas, inside the house, but you will not find an abundance of Santa Clauses. Snowmen are more our thing.

So, this is what my house probably looks like right now, or at least it will soon. But I’m not going to be there to see it. Not this year.

Oh, and even with all the craziness of decorating for Christmas, my brothers and I still manage to get out for some target shooting, now and then. This is my target from last year, around this time.  : )  But I got more ammo for Christmas, to replace what I used on my targets.  : )

5 thoughts on “this time of year…

  1. I’m feeling rather Scroogie this year… I have no desire to pull out the decorations and ornaments and the tree…. sigh. But I will, because my daughter wants me to. I’ll do it for her. And I’ll be the happier for it. Are you going to be decorating your own place this year? Hope you’re not too sad, missing your family.

    • Yes, there are years when it seems too much trouble to get out all those boxes, just for that one month (or two or three, if you’re like my family). But doing it with your daughter will make it worth it… and it splits the job in half! The first two years that I lived on my own, I actually got a tree and decorated it and my house, though few people would see or enjoy it, except me. But in the next few years, buying a tree was too expensive, and it was too time consuming all on my own. That said, I love Christmas, and hope that in my future apartments, I’ll be able to afford the tree and the time to decorate!

      I’m not too sad right now, but I think it’ll probably catch up with me when Christmas gets closer. Thanks, though. As for my own place, I live with the family I work for, so I haven’t decorated my own room. I’m on the second floor, above everyone else, so it’s nice and separate, though not completely quiet. But if I did have my own place, I probably wouldn’t decorate, because it would remind me too much of what I was missing at home. Did that make sense? Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas in here either…At least not yet. Guess it’s ‘coz usually in Finland it’ll be cold outside, snowing, christmas lights every where….But in here, it’s hot, no snow either christmas lights :/ Also we usually get a real, huge christmas tree, but in here, it’s……almost smaller than me, and fake xD Oh well, at least we get a christmas tree 😉
    Oh, and how’d you get the snowing to your blog?? 🙂

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