a slice of dinner theatre…

I haven’t been to the Emerald Little Theatre since May, when I’d been in Australia for only three weeks. I had one or two acquaintances, at the time, and one of them had invited me to the show. It was a lot of fun, but I was still trying to take it all in, the accents, the presence of a bar in the back of the theatre, and just about everything else.

In May, I didn’t know that I was going to become friends with one of the lead actors in the play, as back home, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever run into any of the local actors, as I live in a large university town. Run across five actors among thousands of college students? Get real. Here in Australia, I met the guy who played Inspector Drake, just a few days later. This happens in small towns, you know.

Now, here in November, I went to see “Dying to Meet You” with a group of friends (Inspector Drake among them), and I felt like I was on my home turf. Knowing people, understanding the accents, and being able to go to the bar and get a lemon lime and bitters… these things are all normal, now.

In the play, a couple is adjusting to being empty nesters, but really needs some help with paying the mortgage, so they take on some boarders. One boarder is an assistant funeral director, which creates some chaos, as the man of the house tries to keep his wife from learning this. The gyrations he goes through to prevent her discovering the truth, well, you can imagine how the story takes it. The other boarder is from Italy, speaks dreadful English, with plenty of hilarious misunderstandings, and is believed to have an uncle in the mafia.

At the end, to prevent the “mafia” uncle from taking out his niece, they dress their neighbor, Tom, up as a girl, and pretend “she” died, in order to get Uncle Luciano to leave them alone. Of course, things all work out hilariously. During the finale, though, I found that the guy playing Uncle Luciano looked very like an older version of my cousin Casey, so I kept expecting him to wink at me, from the stage. A little more bouffant hairstyle, some grey streaks, and a mustache, and Casey could easily pull that off. So, I was taken a little bit out of the story, at the end. Even when Luciano was so emotional over being reunited with his beloved Clara.

Just like last time, the Emerald High School served the food for us, and it was really great. A lovely platter to snack on while we waited, lasagna for a main course, and several choices of dessert, during the intermission between the acts. I was so hungry, though, that I forgot to take a picture of the lasagna. I know, terrible, aren’t I?   : )   I still can’t decide if it was a pastry crust on top, or if it was combined with cheese, because it wasn’t your usual pasta on top. Really good, though.

It was fun, being on the front row, again, and being there with friends. I should really see if they have something like it, when I get back home. It’d be a good idea for me to break out of my shell a bit more, when I get back to the U.S..

2 thoughts on “a slice of dinner theatre…

  1. Thought I would let you know that those cupcakes in the fancy black cupcake thingys – were from the Emerald State High schools formal on the Wednesday night, my friend helped to prepare and ice them.

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