feel that air…

I am writing to you from bliss. Seriously, I haven’t been this cool and comfortable in a very long time. Pure bliss. I think I’ll have to get my comforter back out of my closet, because I haven’t needed it for weeks, it’s been so warm. The sheet has been optional, as well.

Yesterday, the guys came to work on the house, get the evaporative air conditioners working, downstairs, and to install a wall AC in my room. As I’m on the second floor, this is a very good and reasonable idea. This was actually supposed to happen last week, but they were too busy. So, in they came, and went to work on the wall of my room. I watched them get out their longest ladder, to try and get at the same spot, on the outside wall, but nothing doing. They would have to come back with a cherry-picker, to reach my room.

A cherry-picker was needed to install an AC in my room! I kid you not. Isn’t that awesome? It gets better, though. If you notice in the pictures, there’s corrugated iron on the outside of the house, blocking my room’s wall from being reached. Ok, so they have to get the cherry-picker into it’s highest position, and then they have to get through or under that iron, somehow. Good grief.

I’m actually not sure how they managed it. I don’t think they drilled through it, I think they put a pipe under it and somehow connected the dots, by that hole they made in my bedroom’s wall (you know, the one that’s a few inches wide). Fun.

Now, I’m very familiar with this model of AC, as we had them in one of the buildings I cleaned at my last job. So, I knew I needed a remote control for this one, as I can’t jump up and down on my bed, trying to adjust the temp by hitting buttons on the unit. Awkward. Yesterday, one of their guys put the remote in the door of their truck… and today, that guy wasn’t a part of their crew. So, their leader had to track down where the remote went, and then go find the guy and get it out of his truck.

During all this, we rescued the laundry from the line, and I took some pictures, discovering that the cherry-picker basket has loads of dirt in it, so if they shake it hard enough, it floats out on the breeze, where I got a load of it in my eyes. My Sadie peered out at them from under the house and then promptly lost interest, but Bubby was enthralled, when she woke up. I kept finding her in the back doorway, peering out at the workers.

Likewise, when the kittens weren’t asleep, and I was nice enough to keep the back door open, they were watching the excitement, too. All the noise, at one point, sent the kittens scrambling for their lives, which I thought was quite hilarious. But hey, it was a good moment, because since we regularly have mattresses, comforters, or sheets on the line (or in the wash) because one of them peed or pooped on it, I’m not always in the greatest mood with the kittens.

Yes, they’re doing better, but I don’t go easy on them, and they know it. They’re going to have to behave themselves, once they’re adopted, so they can start learning now. They should also be grateful for all the times I prevent Bubby from stepping on them, or worse. But they continue cute, and I really wish we could mail them to some of my readers in the U.S., because we haven’t found owners for them, yet.

So, wherever you are, I hope that you have your room’s temperature set just perfectly. Whether you need air or heat, it pays to be comfortable. Sleeping will once again be a joy, too.   : )

5 thoughts on “feel that air…

  1. Congrats on your A/C! I love the second to last picture of the two kitties with their heads sort of upside down on the floor. It’s a great angle and beautiful kitties. I love the striped tabby look – both my boys are the same. I’m lucky you aren’t stateside because I’d have a hard time saying no to those little guys. 🙂

  2. I think in the pictures where the three kittens are lying on the floor, they are trying to tell us something. I can almost see the letters … What is it? “mi”, “ml” …”not”. I think they are forming “not”, like ” you’ll give us away NOT! ”

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaw the kittens are just sooooooooo adorable!!! >.< I remember when we had our kittens, but the only side I saw was that they were cute, as I was only….I think 7 or something xD So I have no idea how hard it was to look after them when they were kittens. 😀 Well, I really really hope you will find a loving home for these cuties. I think the hard part is to find a caring home, not the finding people who want them. Good luck 🙂

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