days of pools & hoses…

The last few days with Bubby have been an adventure, as we work on turning two naps a day into one. Trying to find enough to keep her occupied and awake, until 10:30 or 11:00 am… well, it just about wears me out, too. But first thing, I found that Sadie was going with her grandparents, to visit some cousins, for the day. So, Bubby and I weren’t completely on our own (Mr. B and Grampa B were home), but we could do things a little differently.

So, we went on a sojourn to Target and Coles, to look at toddler clothes and other random things, as we didn’t have to buy anything in particular. I couldn’t resist buying Bubby a little pink baseball cap which said “Princess” on it. She’ll wear it normal, backwards, or sideways, and looks hilariously cute, any which way. Especially when she pulls it down over her eyes. I don’t know why, but she likes to pull hats over her eyes, but hasn’t yet walked into any furniture while wearing them that way. She only does that when I’m chasing her and she looks behind her, before walking into a table leg. And yes, I forgot to take a picture with it on her, so I can’t show you that, yet.

But it was a very warm day, and her daddy was home (he had his appendix out last week, and can’t go back to work yet), so I asked him to pump up the kiddie pool for us. So, Bubby and I went for a “swim” in the pool, where she had a ball playing with the hose, as it filled the pool, and I was amazed by how much water Huggies diapers can soak up. After our playing in the pool was over, that nappie was almost the size of a bowling ball, it was so full of liquid. So, mommies, you’re definitely changing your babies too soon.   : )

That pool felt so good, though. I’ve been dripping my way through the heat of the days (and craving juice, a lot, go figure), and now I’m looking forward to getting my AC put in, tomorrow. But having Bubby hose me down was great fun, and I just did my best to keep her from watering the lawn, instead of filling the pool. As all babies do, she loved trying to drink from the hose, and no matter how many times she got water in her eyes and up her nose, she didn’t get tired of it.

After the usual juggling act of getting feet washed before entering the house, and chasing the dripping wet baby down the hallway, we got dried off, and waited for the other girls to get home, before going for a swim again. Ok, Bubby went for another swim with her sisters, while I took pictures, and tried to keep Emmie from splashing my camera.

Yes, splashing contests and “diving” across the pool were definitely activities of interest. I only hope that someday soon, I’ll get to do so in a real pool, though the lake was great fun, the other weekend. My energy really seems to be returning, so maybe I’ll be able to visit the Capella pool, soon, and get in some treading water and do some of my pretend laps. You see, I don’t do any swimming strokes properly, so my favorite type of lap is to see if I can swim the length of the pool without coming up for air. I can still do a number of laps, but staying on the top of the water is absolutely no fun.

So, with the advent of ACs and kiddie pools, before Christmas arrives, let summer begin!

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