don’t touch the hair…

Ever been to a baby shower, where you’re not allowed to say either the word ‘baby’ or ‘cute’? You wouldn’t believe some of the descriptions we ladies come up with, trying to avoid saying ‘cute’, but when it really comes down to it, how else do you describe baby clothes?

I went to a bridal shower breakfast on Saturday morning, the clothes pins (or pegs) were passed out, and we were told we couldn’t say ‘wedding’ or…. touch our hair. Whoa. Every one of us had to stop and think about that. No playing with your hair, putting your bangs behind your ear, scratching your head, you get the idea. And the day was a bit breezy. I never lost a clothes pin for touching my hair, though I did it once, by accident. But the willpower it takes to keep your hands in your lap, or at your side… good grief, I had no idea it could be that difficult.

I only collected two pins for catching someone else doing or saying what they shouldn’t, but someone else seriously cleaned up in the clothes pin department. From there, we went to the wedding dress competition, where you make a dress out of trash bags, toilet paper, and tape. I didn’t have much to do with our design, just passed out tape, but I think all three designs came out great.

Anyway, it was a lovely day and a lovely breakfast, to celebrate this exciting step that my friend Lauren is about to make in her life. I wish her and her fiancé so much joy in their future life together.


P.S. (for those who wondered) After the bridal shower, I ran off to the doctor, to find that this crazy rash I got on Friday was an allergic reaction to amoxycillin, one of the meds they had me on to improve my breathing. Joy. So, I’m on another med to get rid of that, and just trying to be ladylike and not scratch.  : )  Other than that, I’m really feeling lots better.

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