at the beginning…

I began writing this blog in April, shortly before I left for Australia. Believe it or not, I’ve been in Emerald for over six months. How the time has flown! Now, I’m storing up some musings for November, as this is like no November I’ve ever seen or felt before.

But actually, in revisiting the past and remembering where and when this blog started, I looked at some of my original posts. And I’d like to draw attention to one of my older posts, which I think deserves some screen time, once more.

You see, true love and civility… was posted after I read a book by a favorite author, Georgette Heyer. I’ve read her books so many times that I’m capable of coming up with a fairly decent review (if I do say so myself). But if you take a glance and think that I’m just telling you about a favorite romance or romantic writer (and judging me for it), you are again committing the sin of judging the book by the genre.

However, as I re-read what I wrote, I remembered that this post was both about the book and about the subject of true love, of which our modern world has very little understanding. In these days when the magazines and internet gossip sites live to tell us every little detail of the divorces of Kardashians and other nobodies. Yes, I say nobodies, because in the long run, who will remember them? They’re only examples of who NOT to follow.

In this same world, where the Duggar family joyfully welcomes their 20th child into their family, because they are Christians who don’t believe in using birth control, and yet, the world mocks them for not acting like the rest. The Kardashians could learn something about real, true love from the Duggars, who know the secret of true joy and love in life, and where that love and joy come from.

I stand by what I said about love, in my previous post (please give it a read). I may be single, but I have some of the greatest examples to observe, in real life, of what true love looks like, and unlike some, I can even learn something from a romance book (go read a Georgette Heyer, you don’t know what you’re missing). I hope that someday, the Lord will bring my true love along, and until then, I intend to learn what I can, so my marriage truly lasts until death do us part.

2 thoughts on “at the beginning…

  1. For the record, we think the Duggars are great. Having met them on a few occasions we can vouch for the joy and happiness they have. My son spent a week helping them out at a camp and he’d echo the same thing. I’m told that my son was shown in the TV show at one point (he had the Duggar boys in a group he was leading) but I haven’t actually seen that for myself…

    • I think they’re a lovely family, and I’ve never actually watched the show! I didn’t sound like I thought otherwise, did I? I’ve only seen them on news clips, now and then. I’m glad your son was able to meet them, and see what they’re really like. So wonderful to know that there’s a family with a real Christian testimony being shown on tv. : )

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