turning into cats…

I am my mother’s daughter. Kittens are adorable, but cats are not.  And these kittens are turning into cats, so I am slowly losing interest in them. Sure, they’re pretty cute. But being cute does not outweigh finding piles of poo under the tv stand, stepping in poo (when barefoot), and having beds and mattresses peed on.

Kittens recline on a flip-flop.

A clean litterbox is the bed of choice... sometimes.

Yes, they all seem to have learned to use the litter box, but they like just as much to treat it as a bed (when it’s clean) or as a sandbox (when it isn’t clean). With five kittens, and randomly located piles of poo (not in the litter box), there’s no way to know if they’re all potty trained, or just a few of them.

My apologies for disappointing you, but if I include kitten/cat pictures after this, it may be randomly thrown in during a post about my day. I usually have to remind myself to go take some pictures of them, though today, it wasn’t so difficult. Yet, even in the process of taking some of these pics, I stepped in fresh kitty poo, and was extremely peeved about it.

All the felines watch a flyby.

I’m sorry, people, but I’m ready for them to be adopted (and so is Mrs. B), so that someone else can work on them, one on one. And if you’re a cat person, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, judging by the cuteness of all the pictures.

Watching the noisy birds.

But remember, looks are only looks. A child may be absolutely beautiful, but if no one has taught them any manners or how to be kind, they can be rude, willful, and even mean. A guy may look drop dead gorgeous, but he may also be a jerk and a creep. Good looks get you nowhere with me.

So, there were some really noisy birds outside, this morning, and the back doors were wide open. So, as you can see, all the kittens gathered to observe. In one picture, I actually caught the non-noisy bird in flight. But watching the kittens see the world through open doors was pretty neat. And they’re pretty cute, when seen from the outside, all lined up in a row.

I hope to get back to my usual posts, on a variety of topics sometime soon, so if you’re only here for the kittens, you may be out of luck. But it never hurts to check back.

As for me, I’m on antibiotics, so I am feeling better, but I had a bunch of blood work done, today, so I’m hoping for results by next week, to tell me what’s wrong. I have plenty to write about, I just don’t always have the energy to think or to just sit here. But things are looking up, I’m breathing better, sleeping better, and maybe they’ll figure it all out next week.

And so, for one last major hurrah, here are the kittens. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “turning into cats…

    • Thanks! I’m sure they’ll turn up now and again. If I see them doing something interesting or hilarious and feel like getting my camera, I’ll still take pics. But there’s a little pressure off my back now, knowing I don’t have to get one out regularly. And they pooped and peed on someone else’s bed, last night, so the frustration level hasn’t lowered. : ) Thanks for hanging around, though! : )

      • I always heard that when kittens live with their parents and those parents use litter boxes all right, it never comes to a kitten’s mind to poop and pee somewhere else because they just watch their parents use the litter box and so do this as well. So is it not so?

        The kittens are adorable. It’s interesting how they look so alike and then one sees a closer shot and it’s obvious their faces differ quite a lot.

        It’s good they stayed with their mom for so long.

        • Their mom prefers to do her business outside, so they don’t really get to see her do that. They know how to use the litter box, and do that a good bit, but one or more of them thinks that if the bed isn’t made (we’re guessing) then it’s ok to potty there. This is three days in a row when we’ve had bedding to throw in the wash, and we’re trying to figure out how to stop this behavior. Make the beds immediately? Keep the doors shut at all times? We’re working on the solution.

      • Well, theoretically, when a cat doesn’t want to use a potty and uses another place, the litter box is put in the place, which the cat has chosen for the toilet. In this situation, though, you obviously can’t put it in your bed 🙂 but you could try placing it near the bed. How many litter boxes do you have in the house?

        Sometimes cats become competitive when there are many of them in one place and thus they start choosing other “potty places” as the way to mark their territory. I’m not sure, though, if that is also true for kittens of one litter. So anyway, who knows, placing another potty near the bed might help.

        Another solution is closing the door to the bedroom, as you said. It will save your bed, but I’m not sure if will teach the kitten to use the right place.

        • Well, it hasn’t happened to my bed, thankfully, as I’m upstairs, and they haven’t climbed up, yet. They switch beds and rooms, so it’s not a steady thing. We’ll probably close doors in the morning, and we’ve removed the bath mats in the bathroom, so they won’t use those, too. I think we have a rogue kitten, or two, we just can’t figure it out. Cause they do use the litter box. When they’re old enough, maybe their mom will train them to go outside, but they should still learn to use a litter box, too. : ) Thanks for the help!

    • The kittens? Ha. Sometimes they come exploring when I’m around, and sometimes they run, cause they’re startled. Or they remember that I will give them an admonitory swat if I catch them in the act of doing something they shouldn’t. Little kids and little kitties need to learn what they’re supposed to do. Just like I will say “good girl”, if I catch them doing a poo in the litter box. Anyway… : )

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