at the lake…

By all rights, I should say we went “to the dam”, but how many dam jokes can I put across before it gets old? Besides, I’m really not into puns or other stupid jokes. I leave that to certain of my aunts and cousins, whose names will not be mentioned.

I can be pretty bad at making snap decisions. If you ever ask if I want to do something, and you see me visibly floundering, seemingly unable to answer, you may have run into this problem of mine. Sure, there are times when it isn’t a problem. But always better to be safe than sorry, you know. If forced into a reply that I don’t want to make, I can even end up feeling sick, just because I need some time to process things. Strange, you say? Oh, well, take me as I am.

Anyway, I eventually let it process in my head, and decided that going to the lake on a hot day was a very good idea, even if I was worn out, later, as a result. So, I showed up, finally found my friends down by the water, and enjoyed my usual slow walk into the very cold water.

I was fascinated by the gorgeous color of the poinciana tree.

Yeah, I don’t like throwing myself into the water. If you’re the type who’d rather dive in and get it over with, leave me out of it. The last time I can recall doing that (aside from cliff jumping) was when I was about…. twenty? My cousin and I went swimming in the river that runs into Lake Superior, in the U.P. of Michigan, and the river was dreadfully cold. But knowing how frigid Lake Superior is, we decided to get it over quickly. Yeah, it was insane. We ran down the beach, threw ourselves into the water… and I saw stars, the cold shock was so great. I’ve been swimming in that lake before, but never gotten in so suddenly. We ran for our lives, cold to the core, and threw ourselves into the river again. After the waters of Lake Superior, the river felt like bath water.

But back to Lake Maraboon. After I finally adjusted to the cold water, I spent my time watching someone take my friends out for rides in a tube, pulled behind a SeaDoo. Now that kind of activity is right up my alley. I only drove a jetski once (and I was wearing a skirt), and it was the awesomest ride ever. No, I’m saving that story for another day. And because of my limited waterskiing abilities (that’s another story about people trying to teach me, for years), tubing was my saving grace.

You’d think there’s no skill to riding on a tube. Well, sure, if you’re going slowly. But if the driver of boat or jetski decides to give you a rip-roaring ride, then your task is to hold on for dear life, and not let your weight overbalance the tube, when they send you flying at top speed, out of the wake.

Only two of us were going for the last ride, though I’m still not sure why there were three going before. How can you adjust your balance, if there’s a person in the middle of the tube? I wasn’t sure if my arms would have their usual strength, but I was going to try my darndest.

Dave was driving, and Joe was on the tube with me. I’m not sure if he’s done it before, but I wish you could’ve heard the commentary between us. When I wasn’t shrieking with excitement or laughter, I was screeching at him to lean right or lean left, as I tried to balance the weight, too. We lasted for a while, though, and he was the first one off. I couldn’t stop laughing. But I’m afraid, after that, I took the next several falls. More spray from the jetski’s wake was blinding us, so you had to move by feel, sometimes, and I finally couldn’t adjust my balance enough. I’m really glad this was fresh water, because considering all the water I choked on, salt water might’ve killed me.

When Joe and I were completely worn out, and I wasn’t able to hold on very well anymore, Dave took us in, and took too sharp of a turn that Joe and I weren’t expecting. We both went flying, and I still think my back hit his head or something, because we had a serious collision on the way into the water. He insisted not, though, so I guess I’ll just have sore muscles and a huge bruise on my leg from whatever part of Joe it collided with. Our final ride in to shore was hilarity itself, as every time the jetski turned slightly, we both started squeaking and shrieking in gibberish, afraid we were going to be killed again.

Oh, it was so much fun, though! I’m promising myself another turn, when I get some of my energy back. Who cares about my breathing? I had so much adrenaline running through me, I didn’t need to breathe. Ok, almost. (Sorry, no pics of anybody tubing. I left my camera in the car, after taking a few of the beach. And I certainly wasn’t handing it over to our jetski driver!)

I did have to head back after that, though, and made a brief stop at the actual dam, to take some pictures of this huge lake. Last time, I was concentrating on the sunset reflecting on the water. But Lake Maraboon is HUGE, bigger than all the lakes I’m familiar with at home in SC.

For clarification, Lake Maraboon is a reservoir, so it’s not included on the Largest Lakes in the World lists. And mind, I am familiar with lakes other than those in SC. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, if you don’t count Lake Michigan and Lake Huron as one lake. As they’re technically one body of water, connected by the Straits of Mackinac (5 miles wide), then Lake Superior comes in at #2 for freshwater lakes. Ah, details.

So, I took pictures of this magnificent body of water, which don’t do it justice, not one bit, and then drove home. Having just googled the numbers, I know that it’s the numbers that trick me, when I drive. I really didn’t want to go 100kph, even though that was the speed limit, but not I know it’s about 60mph. Still, it felt awfully fast, on those back roads.

And when I got almost back to the house, I was greeted by the sight of these glorious sunbeams peeking through the clouds. A nice finish to the day, don’t you think? And then, I finished my book. But I’ll cover that another time.

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