oh, the plumeria…

Do you know, I’ve never smelled a frangipani (plumeria) flower before? I’ve seen them in Hawaii, and once here in Australia, but I was never close enough to smell them. They smell SO good. I can’t even describe it to you. And from what I’ve read, they’re surprisingly tricksy flowers, giving off their strongest scents at night, attracting a certain type of moth to pollinate them. But they have no nectar for the moths when they get there! The poor moths go from flower to flower, searching for the nectar that isn’t there, while pollinating the flowers. If the flowers weren’t so beautiful and sweet-smelling, I’d feel sorry for the moths.

One of my girls picked these and brought them home, so I enjoyed the scent and took some pictures, while they were out of the house. You’ve probably seen the fake ones on anyone who’s been to Hawaii recently (hey, I have some at home), but if you ever get the chance, smell them on a branch. Delicious.

I know, I know, flowers, you say? That’s all you’ve got to say? Well, it was a nice little aside in my tiring day, following numerous tiring days. If you remember me mentioning that I haven’t been feeling well, then I did see the doctor about it. He admitted the possibility of mononucleosis (mono, glandular fever), but didn’t do a blood test for it. Probably because they can’t do anything about it.

He was more concerned with the redness of my face, which seemed to indicate sinus trouble. And here I just thought it meant I was too warm. And after listening to me breathe, he told me I have a hypersensitivity to something (but not asthma) in my… trachea? Nasal passages? I’m sorry, my doctor had an Indian accent AND I was having trouble remembering what he’d told me, afterwards. Wherever it is, I’m releasing histamines which causes things to constrict and it’s harder for me to breathe.

So, I’m on antibiotics, Zyrtec, and using an inhaler. I know. Joy. And I’ll be back to see the doctor on Monday, to see if there’s improvement.

Now, here I am, already tired because I probably have mono, and now I’m on antibiotics (which I’m grateful for!) that have all sorts of possible horrible side effects, but the main ones are lethargy and tiredness. Oh, and after an episode at McDonald’s (no, I didn’t break anything), I found that one of the side effects of the inhaler is trembling in the hands (and perhaps the whole body). Freaked me out a good bit.

I’m enjoying getting some reading in, on my weekend, but I’d SO like to have the energy to do something, you know.

And if you think of it, please pray for Mr. B, as he’s in the hospital with possible appendicitis, but if it isn’t that, they have to figure out what IS the problem. So, you see, trouble comes in twos, and just when they could use my energy to help, after work hours, I’m dragging. We’re all doing our best, though.

So, as you can see, the flowers were a bright sight and a sweet smell to arrive in the middle of the day. And I, for one, needed it.  : )

P.S. I hope the flower pictures have cheered up this post! You know, your tone can come across wrong, in writing, at times. I’m not down or depressed, just tired. Besides, this particular shade of yellow is SUPPOSED to make everyone see and think more cheerfully, right?  : )

5 thoughts on “oh, the plumeria…

  1. We have these flowers here in Mauritius and they really do smell awesome!! 🙂 I can almost smell them by looking at these pictures.
    P.S. Zyrtec is an antiallergic (antihistaminic) drug, not antibiotics. These usually have a sedative side effect.

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