i got nothin’…

I’m so glad I’m going to the doctor in the morning. By 3:00 pm today, I was dragging, and didn’t need anything else to go along with it. But then Bubby threw a random tantrum or two, so I was carrying her around after that, AND was getting winded. So, by the time Mrs. B got home, I was dried out and trying to guzzle more water (mind you, I’ve been drinking water ALL day). I had a headache starting, no energy, and wanted to go rest a bit, before going to Bible study.

Then it happened. And let me tell you, I do not have the energy for any teasing, right now, and I don’t know how long it’ll be until I can joke about it. I got my first two tickets. Ever. No, I wasn’t pulled over. Some bloody machine clocked me going 10km over the speed limit, twice, within twenty minutes. Photograph of the back of my car and everything. From two weeks ago.

Yes, we know it was me, because it was the time I drive Kit to tap dancing. And Mrs. B looked embarrassed, not for me, but for the way it had come about. Maybe it’s the local speed trap. And the fee isn’t huge, so I won’t go into that. But if you can imagine I was already tired and out of breath, then I was trying calm my breathing down, so I wouldn’t have a panic attack. No, I’ve never had a panic attack, but I don’t think it’ll take much stress to achieve, when you’re having trouble breathing.

Anyway, I came upstairs to shed some tears, because that’s all I could do, in my exhausted state. And now, I’m starting to calm down, cool off, get some water into my system, and looking forward to taking a wonderful shower, in a little while.

Like I said, I’ve never been so glad about going to the doctor. The symptoms are pointing towards mono (glandular fever), so feel free to tease me about kissing (I can handle that kind of teasing). But if it’s anything else that allows me to take antibiotics, I really want to know. You’ve never loved the idea of a good night’s sleep, until you can’t get one. And I don’t like getting out of breath, just from grocery shopping (by myself!).

So, I’ve really got nothing’… except feeling sorry for myself. Please pray things will clear up soon, and hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to tell you, tomorrow. Or at least, the energy to tell it.

4 thoughts on “i got nothin’…

    • The problem seems to be with my breathing, though it isn’t asthma. Of course, I could still have mono, so I’m insisting on a blood test, when I go in, today. I’m on two antibiotics and I’ve been using an inhaler. I’m apparently hypersensitive to something that’s causing my body to release histamines and make my trachea or nasal passages swell. And I have sinus trouble. And I have several other things to quiz the doc on when I get there today. Oh, scary stories, I’ve heard them! Really, I have several nurses in my family, and good friends who are doctors and work in the hospital. Good times. : ) Thanks for the good wishes, and I hope to be feeling better soon, too!

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