not so kittenish…

I leave the house for three days, and what happens? The kittens have a growth spurt. For sure and certain, they aren’t so little anymore. I was told that while I was gone, all five of them were nursing, and they big enough and squirmy enough that they were pushing Dusty steadily down the hallway. What a weird feeling that must have been.

Let’s see, what’s happened with them since I wrote last? Hmmm… they’re six weeks old. Oh, yeah. They didn’t last long in the cot. One night, Dusty brought them all out of it, one by one, and that seemed to be that. When we were trying to convince them to eat kitty food and then use the litter box immediately, we’d put them back in there, temporarily. They’d chow down, and then I’d put them right in the litter box, giving them the idea of what they were supposed to do.

Potty training them is going alright. We keep finding little piles of poo in odd places (under the tv, by the speakers), so I think we have one kitten that can’t remember to use the litter box. The rest of them seem to be doing fine.

Their eyesight must’ve improved, because they’re all over the furniture, galloping down the hall to help Dusty eat her food, and into everything they can find. I’ve taken less pictures of them, recently, not only because I was away for several days, because as cute as they are, they’re turning into cats. Meaning, I notice all their quirks and messes and get annoyed by the puddles and smells they leave around.

They do lots of wrestling, with each other and with their mom. The family left the house for a bit, earlier today, and it was like open season for wrestling with mommy. They knew I was the only one home and went at it.

In the heat of the day and at night, they’ll curl up in all sorts of places to sleep. Some will settle on the couch, others under the furniture. One got stuck under the coffee table, last night, so she just spent the night there. This afternoon, though, three of them were all but asleep after nursing, and Dusty wandered off and left them. The other two decided they were lonely, and joined the pile. So, right in the middle of the floor, there was a perfect triangle of kittens that looked like Frankenstein’s cat, their body parts were so tangled up.

They’re so curious that if I get distracted, while folding laundry, I can be startled when one of them comes up and licks my food. They regularly get underfoot, which causes me to yelp when I nearly squash one. But as for the kids, they seem to be surviving them just fine. We still keep an eye on Bubby, and she seems pretty satisfied to just look and pet them… I haven’t caught her trying to pick one up, recently. Though, she gets very excited, and then she’s in danger of bouncing onto one.

The other little girls have a tendency to pick them up, and I get after them about it, especially if the kittens have just gotten to sleep. If I’ve been watching the kittens play hard and then finally fall asleep, they don’t need to be awakened, any more than the little girls do, when they fall asleep at naptime. Besides, I need a break from the kittens, sometimes, because it can seem like I’m babysitting 7 kids, not two. And they haven’t even gotten upstairs yet (for which I’m very grateful).

So, life goes on and the kittens keep things interesting. They’re close to weaned, so their meals with mommy seem more like snacks now, as they love the kitty food… and mommy’s food, too, though they’re really not supposed to eat that.

10 thoughts on “not so kittenish…

  1. Kittens and puddycats are one of my greatest joys in life. I am SO glad God made kitties and puppies. And I am SO glad too, to find your site… and to be able see these way-too-cute kitten photos. They are so sweet.

    Blessings back at you… wishing you glimpses of heaven in lots of unexpected places today!

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