no baking required…

I made no-bake cookies, yesterday! Yes, I finally picked up the extra ingredients from the store, enough for several types of cookies. Though I was warned they might not have them, I did find blocks of margarine for baking. Mostly, they have it in tubs, which isn’t good for cooking, of course.

When I got back, I did some searching online, until I found the conversion between an American stick of butter and Australian measurements. You see, our sticks of butter or margarine are 1/2 cup each. The “blocks” of margarine, well, they’re rectangular, but they’re shorter and wider than ours at home, which is why I call them a block. Anyway, the AUS version is measured in grams. When I looked online, I had one site tell me how complicated a conversion it was because one was a liquid measure and one was a measure for mass… I think. Good grief, who knew butter could be so confusing?

Anyway, 113 grams of margarine is about the same as a stick from back home. So, that was settled, and I got out my American measuring cups. I hadn’t used them yet, and they’d been collecting dust for a while, so I washed everything, and got all the ingredients. While I was washing up, Mrs. B got out the icing sugar to use on something else, and then she screamed. There were two geckos in the sugar. Who knew they liked sugar, too? So, when she recovered, she took them outside and then threw the rest of the bag away. Luckily, I’d bought some more, earlier that day. Oh, and just a reminder… all the measurements in the recipe are AMERICAN measures.

It was really hot, so I was glad to not be using the oven, but the stove was bad enough. First you put the margarine, milk, and sugar in a pot and boil it on the stove for 3 minutes. Then, turn the burner off and add all the rest of the ingredients. The peanut butter will melt nicely into the hot sugar mixture. Once it’s all stirred up, you take a spoon and scoop a spoonful at a time onto wax or baking paper. You need to do it quickly enough that it doesn’t all harden in the pot. It will solidify in the pot, if you let it cool off.

Of course, I was working in really warm conditions, so I was wondering if the cookies would even solidify or whether they’d stay soft. But they did just fine, but we’ve stored them in the fridge, just the same.

Now, if there are some of you that are leery over the looks of these cookies, then please get over yourself. The coconut is optional, of course, and if you’re allergic to peanuts, then you need to avoid them. But, when I see these cookies, I think of a particular conference I go to, twice a year. When we get to the snack area, the first thing I do (and I’m not the only one) is look for the box of no-bakes, which are always there. I think there’d be a revolt, if they weren’t there. And they’re the first dessert item to disappear… unless we have boxes of fresh Krispy Kremes lying around, of course.

Oh, and we had these, last night, with vanilla ice cream, and my Aussie family loved them. Mr. B told me “don’t throw the recipe away”. I assured him it couldn’t be completely lost. Come on, my mom’s copy of this recipe, it’s older than I am… no, it’s probably older than her. No-bake cookies have been around for a long time, and they’re gonna stay.  : )

Taste test. Yum.

7 thoughts on “no baking required…

    • They don’t cut well, so if you really want them flat, you’d want to spoon them into a tray and flatten then. They’re somewhat liquidy after you first get them out of the pot. But after they harden up, they’d probably crumbled dreadfully if you tried to cut them. Who cares if they look like cookies, as long as they taste good? Try them and see how it goes.

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