hide-and-seek: kitten edition…

I often find myself counting the kittens. Making sure that one of them isn’t asleep in a corner, when her sisters are chowing down on kitty food. Have to be sure we didn’t leave one in the playpen, while the rest are prowling the house. Just a habit I’ve developed, you know.

Then, after making some no-bake cookies, earlier, I noticed several of them, sound asleep in the hallway. One of them was actually in a doorway, and hadn’t even stirred, when Bubby tried to shut the door in her face. The other two curled up against the wall. So, I went for my camera, took some pics of them, and then went to see where the others were sleeping. And couldn’t find them.

Now, we had the back door open, earlier, but several people were right out back, and the kittens haven’t been adventurous enough to go near the door yet, unless they’re following their mom to her food dish. Those outdoors, well, I warned them to keep an eye out for an adventurous feline, just in case. So, I really thought we’d covered everything.

I had the house to myself, when I discovered that we were down two kittens, so I texted to be sure they hadn’t given some away that afternoon or taken them in the car. Yes, I know it may sound ridiculous, but there had been a visitor, when I’d been busy. I was sure the kittens were two young to leave their mom, but you never know. And they’ve never yet taken them in the car, but there’s a first time for everything.

I took into account all their favorite places to hang out. And yes, I know most of their hangout spots. One of them likes to recline under the shoebox (dresser with drawers for shoes). At least one or two of them sometimes hang out on the couch. Our kittens seem to be quite literary, as I regularly find three or four of them on top of the bottom shelf of books. One, in particular, especially likes John Le CarrΓ©. Another, I can’t decide if they prefer the Catechism or L. M. Montgomery.

I’ve found them in baskets, under furniture, on shelves, in slippers, on couches, and many other places. They can fit into all sorts of neat places. Ever tried to find something that you misplaced? How about something you didn’t misplace, but it actually walked off?

The family returned, to find me taking a breather on the couch. Tired, hot, sore feet, and bruised from falling on the stairs (first thing this morning), I didn’t really want to be crawling around looking for baby animals right now. But no one knew where they were, so away we went. And Dusty, blast that mommy cat, wasn’t even concerned. I kept telling her that she needed to use that nose of hers and find them. Besides, I still had this niggling fear, in the back of my mind, that they could’ve gotten outside.

But if they had gotten out, they couldn’t have gotten far. When trying to find a kitten, you need to think like one, or be very observant of them. I spend all day with them, and though I don’t empty the litter tray, I look out for them in all other ways.

They’re still easily alarmed by their surroundings, so going outside would have freaked them out. Thankfully, Belle was in her pen, because I’d be afraid she’d get one and try and “play” with it. Booboo, the little dog, wouldn’t have bothered them. We searched under the house, though, and found nothing.

So, what’s left? We’ve searched under all the couches and beds, multiple times, I’ve poked book bags, and looked in the not-good places (toilets, tub, under the oven). They’re not capable of climbing the stairs yet, but we searched up there, anyway.

I was getting tired, feeling responsible, if they’d gotten outside, since I’d had the door open. Still, I went upstairs and got my flashlight, and started looking under everything, all over again. The messiest bedroom really was the likeliest place, and I went looking again, remembering there were boxes for dress-up clothes under Sadie’s bed. Hauling up the bedclothes, I found that one of the plastic boxes didn’t have a lid. Moreover, it was clear plastic, with a funny shape and design pressed against the side.

Ever seen a little kid fall asleep with their head against a window? Or just pressed their face against a window? I hollered for Mrs. B and she and all the little girls came running, to see this hilariously squashed little striped face, pressed against the side of the box. Never would’ve found them, without the flashlight. And they weren’t too thrilled at being waked up. But I was SO relieved to have found them. They sleep a long time, and it was really warm out. We might not have found them until the next morning… or the little girls would’ve been awakened by whining kittens, wailing in hunger, under their beds.

I don’t have any pictures of them in the box, sorry. I hadn’t been searching with a camera in hand. Hope you’ll forgive me.

5 thoughts on “hide-and-seek: kitten edition…

  1. I have pictures of mine curled up on the bookshelves, too. And in a Pepsi carton, and in a shoebox, and in the drawer of bath towels … you know the drill. I’ve been considering asking you if you could box one up and send it to me … but I think my husband would shove me in the box and send me back to you if I did! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

    • You have nothing to apologize for! If English isn’t your first language, then you do beautifully, as you have no mistakes here! Glad you enjoyed the kittens!

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