kitty klatch…

The kittens have turned 1 month old.. So, here are some pictures from this fourth week in their lives. And… oh, I’ll just go ahead and say it for you. Aren’t they cute? Be honest, you KNOW you were going to say it (or some variation of it).

Right before the 1 month mark, we still had them in their basket, but it had been moved into the living room. A couch had been angled to block one side, and the magazine basket was guarding the entrance. Anyone bigger than a toddler could step over that basket, easily, but Bubby had to climb, which would give us a chance to grab her in time.

After a while, we grew tired of grabbing the baby, so we moved the baby gate in there, trying to keep Bubby out and the kittens in. At this point, the kittens were doing their best to climb out of the basket. Sometimes they succeeded, and sometimes they didn’t. If they squeezed and squirmed a lot, they could even fit through the little holes in the side of the basket.

By their “birthday”, they were easily climbing out of the basket, and exploring their little piece of territory behind the couch. But there was a gap under the armrest, which they could crawl through, and even though it only looks like there’s about an inch between the couch and the floor, several of them managed to squeeze out that way. At least they stopped going through the holes in the basket. I was debating what to do if one of those fat little kitties got stuck between in and out. Do you cut the basket up, to get them out? Fortunately, they didn’t try this often, as it was too tight a squeeze.

When we kept finding them out on the floor of the living room, I blocked the armrest gap with another board. Later that day, I came back to find Dusty leaping from the floor to the back of the couch, carrying a kitten, while I could hear squeaking from somewhere. Our coffee table is more of a dresser, with drawers that go in both directions. Bubby likes to pull them out, to use them for steps onto the top of the coffee table. Dusty had put one of the kittens INSIDE the coffee table (not in the drawer). I quickly put a stop to that, and pulled the poor kitty out of there. Left Dusty with her kittens on the floor, while I tried to figure out what was a better place to put them. Have to protect the kittens from the baby, while finding something tall enough to keep them from getting away.

Nothing in the house seemed to be taller than a laundry basket! I started wandering from room to room, waiting for an “apostrophe” to strike. Finally, I walked into the master bedroom, and “lightning struck my brain”. I hauled the pack-n-play out into the living room, and put mommy and babies into it. Bubby couldn’t get in, and I was pretty sure that even with their climbing skills, the kittens couldn’t get out.

I was right. The kittens are great climbers, but that last few inches of canvas at the top of the cot, they couldn’t get a grip on it with their claws. Eventually, they’d wear themselves out, and stay off the netting for a while. I didn’t think they could claw through it. But after a day of it, they did manage to pop a hole in the bottom of the netting. Blast.

I grabbed the clear nail polish, and treated the hole in the pack-n-play just like any woman would her stockings. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Then I went to Bubby’s room, found two empty nappy (diaper) boxes, and broke them apart. Placed them on either side of the pack-n-play, and the kittens haven’t been able to get a grip on the walls of their “prison” since then. I think the points are finally going in my favor.

Since the advent of the cot into the living room, the kittens are right where everyone can see them, but the three little kids either can’t reach them, or it’s hard to reach them without falling into the cot themselves. But since they’re right there, we can haul them out for a kitten session, like we did the other night, on the couch. Just look at those blue eyes, highlighted by the blue couch! We don’t know if the colors of their eyes will change, but I’ve heard it’ll be another month or two, if so.

We’ve also started to assist Dusty with the weaning process, and introduced the kitties to cat food. Or, kitten food, actually. Dusty likes the taste of it, too, so we shoo her out of the house, whenever we feed it to the kitties. Thus far, only three or four of them have taken any interest in it. Three of them, especially, and two of those are the fattest of the five. I’m sure that in the next few days, they’ll all start liking their new meal. And not long after that, we’ll be bringing the litter box back out, so that Dusty can start potty training them.

I didn’t know Dusty as a kitten, but they’ve told me that she was litter box trained, before she even got here, so they never had a problem with that. Dusty’s only been using the outside since Bubby learned to crawl, because cleaning up a toddler after they’ve gotten into the kitty litter isn’t very fun. We’re hoping our mama Ragdoll will do a good job, training her babies in the way they should go, so they’ll make their new owners really happy, when the time comes.

And in case you can’t tell, taking pictures of these curious, adorable little creatures… well, it’s flat out addictive. So, I hope you enjoy them. Of the kittens, at least. You’ll have to excuse the pictures of me, I’d just been running.  : )   Oh, and the following expression is what you get when a kitten sticks all her claws into you.  : )

5 thoughts on “kitty klatch…

  1. So sweet! Makes me miss when mine were that little! One of mine will lay over my shoulder like that — but she is over 10 pounds now and a little more on the hefty side! When she was smaller and wanted to be on my shoulder, she would crawl up my pant leg — not too cool when it got warmer and I was wearing shorts! Thanks so much for sharing their growth with us. I love your other pictures, as well. I’ve always dreamed of going to Australia, and now I can see what its like through your pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

    • You’re welcome! Glad they brought back happy memories. So many people WANT to go to Australia, but never do. If you ever get the chance, come over! It’s worth it!

    • If you go back several posts, you can see the other posts about the kittens. Our Ragdoll cat got pregnant (we still don’t know who the dad is), and had these five kittens. So, if they’re anything like their mom, they’ll be extremely easygoing around children, a great cat to have. : )

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