a pox on those teeth…

Teeth. Who needs ’em? Ok, don’t answer that. I’m just tired.

If you’re human and you have teeth, then you need to go see (or call) your mother, right this minute, and thank her for standing by you, while you were teething. I’m assuming she didn’t just lock you away until you had all of them, so whatever age you were when the first set arrived, she carried you, kissed you, and comforted you. And though it might not have been as physically painful for her (ok, unless you were still nursing, and you made the mistake of biting her), you can bet it was terribly hard for her see her baby in pain, especially when she couldn’t alleviate it.

I’ve been told that the older a baby is when their first set of teeth come in, the more painful it is. Not quite sure why… do our gums get tougher to break through? My Bubby is about 16 mths old, and she only has five teeth. The rest of her sisters all had a lot more teeth at this age, I’ve been told, so this is a slightly different experience for all of us.

Bubby hasn’t been eating a lot for a while, but it’s started to come to a head. When one day, all she’s had to eat/drink are a couple bottles of milk and a cracker, you’re definitely trying to figure out what’s wrong. I’d been wondering if she was teething, but couldn’t find any coming through her gums. But yesterday, she had her fingers in her mouth constantly, was drooling, and crying about everything. One minute she wanted to be held, the next she wanted down, and so on. When she was down, she was throwing tantrums for no reason, begging for food, and if given a snack, would either throw it on the ground or spit it out (if it actually reached her mouth).

Her mom and I each finally located a tooth coming in (one in front, one in back), which could explain why only the softest foods aren’t spit out. Poor kid has a nose running like a faucet, and a cough that sounds like she’s got a cracker down the wrong way. Well, the other day, she did get a cracker down the wrong way, and nearly scared the crap out of me. Gagging, having me thinking she was sick like the previous week, and then out comes a cracker. You crazy Bubby, don’t scare me like that!

Today, she took three naps, but they each lasted an hour or less (she got up early, she should’ve slept a LOT more each time). My poor darling is rubbing her eyes with tiredness, but too uncomfortable to sleep much during the day. I hope she sleeps all night, for her sake AND her parents’.

Now, I started my day with an on-again-off-again headache and felt extremely tired. So, spending the day carrying the baby around is already tiring. When she woke from her third nap and wouldn’t let me put her down for an hour, I was thankful it was the end of the day. Yes, I can put a baby down, if they’re whinging for no reason, but not when they’re hurt or not feeling well! Since sitting on the couch wasn’t acceptable to her either (at least, at that moment), I solved the dilemma by going to sit on the front steps to wait for her mommy and daddy to arrive. And she cheered up for a bit, and tried to stand on the skateboard several times. With understandable results, and no injuries.

Oh, she’s definitely had her cheerful moments, which helped me get through the day. As you’ll see from the pics, she’s usually beautifully cheerful and curious about everything. She’s learning about life, getting into everything, and loving it. I can’t wait for my sweet girl to get those stupid teeth through and feel BETTER.

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