a collage of kittens…

I admit it, I could have been alliterative, and spelled that “kollage”, but I’m too much of a spelling freak to do such a thing. No, I don’t mind my grammar or my slang (or whatever, as Miss Piggy would say), when I create blog titles. I even appreciate that no one criticized me for my “thanks muchly” post. I can think of at least one of my friends that was probably pulling her hair out over that.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, really. As I have way too many kitten pictures to post here, and my last one had… a lot of pictures, I thought I’d make good use of Picasa, and create some collages. Though I love collages, and they usually take lots of time to make, who doesn’t love being able to make a collage of pictures in only 30 seconds? Ah, the glories of computers. May they never end. Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to see some of the collage pics up close, you can click on the collage. I forget that, regularly, when I’m looking at other people’s photos.ย  : )

The kittens turned three weeks old, last Monday, and they’re growing quickly. Despite their fat little bellies, they’ve learned to walk around quite well, though they’re a little trembly. No, really, they shake, when standing, though I haven’t figured out if it’s from fright at the big world around them, or from the exertion it takes to get their little beer bellies off the ground.

A few days ago, Dusty moved the kittens down off the shelf, onto the ground floor, and the first we knew of this was when Bubby found them milling around on the floor of the master bedroom. Since Dusty really needed to be able to get in and out, we had to pull Bubby out of there several times, as she was running around excitedly, reaching to grabย  little kittens. I can’t imagine the trauma those little kittens would go through, if an excitable toddler picked them up.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it previously, but we’ve finally agreed that all five kittens are girls. Kind of funny, since we already have five human girl children in the house, now there are five girl kittens to go with them. Mr. B seems to be handling it fine, though. The only other males on the property being Booboo the dog and Scully the pony. He’s used to it.ย  : )

Eventually, to prevent both baby and kitten mayhem, I moved the basket (the one they were born in) in front of the closet, shut one door, and blocked the other with the basket. So, mommy cat can get in and out, and all the little ones can do is peer out at the world, or explore their new ground floor apartment. And if Bubby gets in there, she doesn’t see moving kittens, and can’t always remember which closet to look in, so that problem’s been fixed.

But yesterday, the kitten basket was moved out into the living room, and a couch was moved to block it. The only way in is to climb over the magazine basket. Oh, Bubby can do it, but we try to keep a short leash on her, and get her to forget that they’re in there. The prime viewing spot is leaning over the back of the couch, so that allows several people to peer at them, without someone having to referee them holding the kits.

More on the new location, later. There will be more pictures, because I’ve already discovered that the more mobile the kittens get, the more addictive it is to sit there and try and capture pictures of them at their cutest. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

11 thoughts on “a collage of kittens…

  1. Oh, I just want to squeeze one! We have a female cat that adopted us a few months ago. My daughter is secretly hoping she will have kittens…(secretly in that her dad and my hubby thinks that shouldn’t happen!) which would be great, since we know we can easily find them homes.

    And the collage…I love it! Will definitely head over to Picassa and give it a try!

    • Well, all my kiddos friends are hoping they can talk their parents around, but thus far, no luck on adopting the kits. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, though. Glad you liked the collage. Picasa doesn’t do TOO fancy fix-it-up stuff, but enough for what I need. And you can download it, easily. : )

    • Glad you like them! Wish I could send you one, as we’re looking for homes for them. But at the moment, they’re getting quite lively, wrestling a lot with each other, and trying to climb out of the pack-n-play. : )

    • I’ve read that all kittens are born with blue-grey eyes, and if the color’s going to change, it does after about three months. So, they’re mom has blue eyes, but they took their dad’s coloring for the rest. So, I’m betting they’ll change. I have some more great pics to post in a few day, though, so come by again! : )

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