storm’s a-comin’…

Storms came through, today and yesterday. Today was just a really long lightning storm, with the occasional cool breeze. Unfortunately, I was at someone else’s house without my camera, so I had no chance to take any lightning pictures. I know, it’s very sad.

Yesterday, though, when 5pm rolled around, the sky was getting dark, and the humidity was rising. Then, the wind began to pick up, and you could tell rain was in the offing. Black clouds were zipping in, quick as can be. But it was Thursday, and I wanted to get out, cause the shops were open later than usual. So, I left in a huge gust of wind, and as I was almost to the car, the breeze picked up a ton of dirt, and flung it at me. I tried to get into the car quickly, before I got dirt in my eyes or all over me, and managed to shut the car door on my leg. Ok, not too hard, but I wasn’t fast enough to prevent getting a lap full of red dirt. A flip-flop came flying off the porch (gimme a break, you really want me to say that a “thong” came flying off the porch?), at the same time, as if it wanted to go shopping, too.

As I drove, I watched those dark clouds billow in, and wondered if I’d get drenched, before I could get to the store. I really wanted a cappuccino, for some reason, so I was weighing my options, whether to go to the Woolies or Coles plaza, depending on which shops I wanted to go into. I chose Woolies, and arrived right after the rain started. I ran for the store, went around a corner, and almost wiped out on the wet concrete, because my flip-flops have very little traction on wet floors. Thankfully, there was a lady coming round the corner, who I barely avoided running into, but she also caught my arm, which probably saved me from a spill.

I got inside, and found that Suzie’s (the coffee place) was only selling cold drinks, as they were probably closing sooner than the rest of the stores. Which kinda sucked, because I was pretty wet, at that point, and thought that coffee REALLY sounded good. In the end, Rockman’s didn’t have what I wanted in clothes, and I lost interest in the other shops. While wandering through the dollar store (the only place with a wider variety of craft stuff, here  in town), the lights flickered, and one of the store employees shouted with excitement. I guess they wanted to go home. I decided I didn’t want to navigate the aisles, in the dark, if the power went out and stayed out, so I left.

Had to run to the car in the pouring rain, and figured I’d rather not get completely drenched, going to Coles or Target. So, I took Baker St (I always forget its name, and remember it has something to do with Sherlock Holmes), which isn’t exactly a backstreet, but “back-ier” than Hospital Rd. I ended up driving through two or three spots, just on that road, where I felt like my car was swimming, and was I going to need to be towed? I mean, come on, it’d only been raining for what, half an hour?

Managed to get home safely, and hurried up the stairs onto the veranda, and stopped in my tracks, at the sight of the sun glaring through the clouds and haze. It was like it was peering through really thick fog… except it wasn’t fog, it was cloud! I tore up the stairs to my room, grabbed my camera, and ran back down. The wind was still gusting, the rain was still coming down, clouds blotted out all of the sky, and yet, the sun still managed to come through those clouds, on the horizon. It was absolutely amazing to see… and the photos really don’t give you the idea of how it really looked.

While taking pictures, lightning struck, out in the distance, to my left. Oh, if I’d only been ready, and accidentally captured that. I’d have had a bright bolt of lightning on the left side of the picture, with the sunset coming through the clouds on the right. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I included at least one picture that was full of puddles, but when you look at these photos, remember that it was RAINING the whole time I was taking them. The puddles weren’t leftovers from a previous rain. The rain was PRESENT and accounted for, while I was taking photos, and trying to keep the camera lens dry.

I know the wet season is coming, and I promise I won’t always post about rain. But if I get some really neat pictures, then I won’t be able to resist. Would you?

4 thoughts on “storm’s a-comin’…

    • Well, it’s not suppose to be like up north, where their only seasons are wet and dry. It’s just that winter is REALLY dry in Central QLD, so I look forward to when it rains more, and we see things are GREEN. But they had so much rain last year that they had serious floods, so I hope it won’t be that bad. : )

  1. I didn’t the same thing when we had a really big storm here. Our little town was actually in the news! At least online and radio, lol. I took a couple of videos, but the lighting was a lot worse than I thought so they didn’t turn out. Storms like that are crazy! I love lightning and totally understand your desire to take cool storm pictures. I find something to like in every type of weather and I look forward to storms. Of course, I have shelter….

    It’s neat to see some landscape and some of the different trees. I wouldn’t resist pictures either, and I’ll look forward to rain pics!

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