open your eyes…

While I take my time working on my next Blackdown post, I thought I’d put up some kitten pictures from the last two weeks. You know, just for the fans.   : )

Yesterday, the kittens turned three weeks old, and I made sure to take pictures today, but since I haven’t posted any kitten pictures in a while (yes, really, the “ten days old” post has been up for a while!), I have a few here from the last two weeks.

The girls are doing really well with the kittens, though I can always hear when someone is taking the kittens out of the cupboard, even when I’m upstairs. The kittens squeak a lot, even though they’re being treated well. They sound a bit like baby birds.

The older girls are good at cuddling them close, so they don’t squeak, because all babies like to be cuddled close, since they were used to being squashed, when they were in their mommy’s tummy. The little girls, however, still get a litany about being careful to not hold the kits too tightly and to be oh-so-gentle. So, trying to tell them to squash them close… well, I don’t think it would be a good idea.

Bubby has seen the kittens several times now, and I don’t know how she acts when the kittens are loose on the floor. Perhaps her parents haven’t let her be on the floor then. That would be how I’d do it. But when I’ve taken her into the room, just to look at them on the shelf, she seems to be pretty satisfied with just looking.

She bounces up and down with excitement, at the sight of little creatures that move, and probably look just like her toys. At least she doesn’t growl at them. She likes to growl at the dogs, for fun.

The first half of the pictures are from when the kits were two weeks old, and the second half are from when they were seventeen days old. At two weeks, they had just opened their eyes, a day or two before. So, they look a little squinty in the pictures.

At seventeen days, we’d had them on the floor a few times, and their eyes are well open. I’m guessing they still can’t see far, and they’re barely “toddling”. I guess that’s what you call it, as their feet are moving, their tummies are off the ground (barely), and they inch along. Some are more adventurous than others… but then, maybe it’s because they can’t see far, and they went in the wrong direction.

At this age, they were moving around a bit on their shelf, but all you had to do was stack some clothes on the edge, and they wouldn’t go that far. They’re much more adventurous, now.

I hope this satisfies everyone’s kitten cravings, for the present time. I’ll have more up soon!

10 thoughts on “open your eyes…

  1. So sweet! I will just look at these and pass on the thoughts of kittens. Our Siamese chews wire.. cords.. I will write about it one day. Besides we have three cats. (:

    • I wish we could get you one! I’m assuming you’re in the U.S. somewhere, so the shipping might be a bit much. : ) I hope you find yourself the perfect one, eventually!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much they change from the time they open their eyes to when their little ears start to stand up? Sooo sweet! Makes me want to shrink mine back down!

  3. I’m now following your blog, ‘coz I love the posts with the cat pictures!! o^ ^o~
    Thank you so much for posting these pics here! (I’m new here started yesterday :D:D)
    Glad we have something in common: cats xD I’ve only posted 1 pic of my cat to my blog yet 🙂

  4. Cute- e- our black and white, normal looking cat had seven kittens- one of which looks just like this Mummy cat- and he is called Dusty too! Is this Dusty a Siamese or Burmese or similar? Everyone seems to think that our boy Dusty is, but it’s odd since his Mum doesn’t look like that at all! x

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