thanks muchly…

I got up at the crack of early (for me) on Saturday morning, which just happens to be my everyday wake-up time (6:30am). Sigh. Most Saturdays, I would be able to sleep in until 8 or 9. Yes, I still fondly remember the days when I would sleep until noon, on the weekend. No, I’m talking about last April, not in my childhood. Come on, if I’m not working on the weekend, then I’m sleeping in! But sleeping til noon, here in AUS… that’s a luxury I don’t have time for, unless I’m sick.

Anyway… I got up before I was ready to be up, with a deadline. My friend was picking me up at 7:35am, so that we could meet a group of friends to go camping. And lo and behold, I turned my computer on, and found that my “ten days old” post had been Freshly Pressed that morning! It was very exciting, and all I wanted to do was start reading comments and check my blog stats and pretty much sit in front of my computer, and watch it all unfold.

But by the time this had all run through my mind, ten minutes had gone by, and my time of departure was that much closer. I still needed to shower, eat breakfast, and run around in circles, before bringing all my stuff downstairs. No time for checking my blog. Le sigh.

I hurried, though, and managed to finish everything, get my bags and swag downstairs (mostly on the table, so Bubby couldn’t get into anything), and run back upstairs to read some of my comments. Come on, if you wake up one morning, after normally getting about 30 views a day on your blog, to find that you’ve had 1,500 hits on the site, before 7am, wouldnt’ you be interested?

So, I managed a few replies to comments, and then had to leave. My scheduled blog posts went out, and not a peep did anyone hear from me until Sunday afternoon. When I arrived back, I was tired, filthy, and thirsty. I went upstairs to find I couldn’t get the internet to work. No connection. Nothing. Argh!

After a refreshing shower, where I scrubbed of about five layers of dirt, I returned to my computer vigil, and continued to fight with it. My “patience” eventually paid off, and I was able to get online. Since then, I’ve been reading comments and replying to many of them. I would really like to thank everyone for dropping by and saying so many nice things about my Freshly Pressed post (yes, even if it was just “awwwwww”). It’s been great fun, and I hope you’ll continue to come by! Here’s a recent kitten picture, just for all of you! She’s two weeks old, in this, with her eyes only open for a day or two.

In the meantime, that camping trip I mentioned? I thought it was kind of funny that I was Freshly Pressed on the morning I was returning to Blackdown Tablelands National Park, when my write-up of Blackdown was the last post I had FP’d (back in July, I think). An amusing coincidence, I know.

Now that I’ve returned, I know several people are waiting for the next kitten pictures to go up, and those’ll probably come later this week (with one exception, in this post). For the next day or so, I’ll be concentrating on writing about my weekend at Blackdown. I hope the few pictures I’ve added to THIS post will be a sufficient teaser to bring you back for the rest!

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