looking through windows…

Someday soon, love, you’ll be able to run (and keep up) with the big girls. Soon.

8 thoughts on “looking through windows…

  1. Hey Rachel :).
    Came by your wonderful blog via a Tweet on Twitter on your “Ten Days Old” post. Your blog is indeed beautiful, truly a joy to be read, filled with love & life :). Indeed amazing :)). Thank you so much for the beautiful sharing, which i m sure brings a smile to many. Looking forward to read many many more wonderful posts by you :). Wishing you a Blessedly beautiful new weekend ahead :).
    With Regards.
    M. Faizan

  2. My little girl does this too! She just loves going outside, and she stands at the window looking out if we don’t let her go out. Sometimes she even shouts out “Mama! Mamaaa. Mamaaaaa!” until I go outside with her. LOL

  3. Oh those girls are so beautiful. You must be having so much fun. My daughter was a nanny for awhile. She was so great at it but she was not happy. I do think it’s her true calling though.

  4. So precious! 🙂 And it’ll be such a wonderful thing to look back on when she’s older, running around and playing with the older kids, and remember that she was once this little, looking out that window with such awe at the freedom beyond it.

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