oh, the glorious rain…

It rained today! It actually did! You have to understand… I haven’t seen rain since… since… when did I last see rain? I was in Yeppoon. When was that. Oh, yeah, JUNE. And I wasn’t even here in Emerald, so I have no idea if it rained here, then.

Oh, it’s been thinking about raining here, once or twice, but it always changes its mind. Sometimes it rains, a kilometer down the road (just a dribble), and I hear about it later. But no, here it’s dry, dry, dry.

Then, it started playing tricks on me again, I thought. It began to look like rain. It started to feel like rain. And then, the kicker… it SMELLED like rain. Don’t you know what rain smells like? If not, then you need to get out of your cave and smell the raindrops, already. I can’t describe it to you. After a dry spell, or a hot summer day, and the rain hits the pavement… rain smells like… friendship and jumping in puddles and running around in a thunderstorm.

Bubby woke up from her nap, so I went to get her, and then realized that the pitter-pattering on the roof (we have a metal roof) was more regular than usual. We hurried out to the veranda, and then onto the steps, in time to feel the first of the drizzle. The baby, in her sleep-dazed brain, was probably wondering what in the world I was doing, but she humored me.

While I warmed up her bottle, the rain began in earnest, finally reaching the status of “pouring”. The cool breezes ripped through the house, and I continued to peer out doors and windows, in sheer delight. Thunder was heard, so I kept the kids on the veranda, as much as I would’ve liked to go run around in the rain. I’m the adult. Have to be a good example. All that stuff.

When it finally let up, and Bea had come back from netball practice (soaking wet), the sun burst through the clouds, and everything began to reflect light. The wet pavement, droplets on the grass, water-soaked branches, it all shone in the sunlight. It was so beautiful, I wished I had a better camera, and time to go capture the smallest of details.

But I didn’t have either of those. I took a few pictures, and then loaded up the car to take one of the girls to her (indoor) afternoon class. On the way back, I would have loved to stop and take pictures of the sun and clouds, constantly. But Bubby needed changing, and that trumps the other important stuff.

I know, once the wet season really gets going, I’ll probably be totally sick of rain. But I’ve missed it, so I’ll just be glad I saw and smelled it, right now.

3 thoughts on “oh, the glorious rain…

  1. And you mam wish for a better camera! rather here i wouldwish if you could tell me the name and specification of the camera you are using with these results . May i ? Because i have really been trying to find a good camera to buy. And i like the results of this one. i would really like to know it ….

    Marjan Arbab

    • Well, my camera isn’t perfect, because it doesn’t always do what I tell it to do. : ) My camera is a Nikon D3100. Well, most of my pictures are taken on that, though I do rotate it out with my Canon PowerShot SD880-IS. But those were taken on my Nikon. I am NOT a first class photographer, so having a good camera makes up for some of my lack of skills. I’m learning, though! This camera also has video, but I rarely use it. I tend to use the Canon’s video, because it’s easier to hold. Hope this helps!

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