sneakers & red dirt…

When I arrived in Australia, my sneakers weren’t brand new, but they were still a brilliant white. But now, shade by shade, they’re turning a dusty red. Different from at home, where it takes me several weeks to find something messy enough to ruin my shoes. You know, like hiking along a river or playing Ultimate Frisbee right after it rains. But why do my shoes always turn brown, considering South Carolina is full of red mud? Oh, right, when they get really dirty, I run them through the washing machine, which eventually turns them a greyish-brown. That, and I haven’t bought white sneakers in years… they get dirty too fast.

But everywhere I go, here in Oz, there’s red dirt. I go around the house and yard, barefoot, for the most part, so I regularly have to scrub several layers of dirt off my feet. Really, it just looks like my feet are really tan… until two shades of tan comes off in the shower. For any Aussie reading this, I’m just observing, not complaining. It’s all over the place. The cars get covered in red dust, as soon as they’re washed, and my clothes and I get covered in it, every day.

So, as I have just completed my seventh week of Couch to 5k (at least, my own version of it), I was noticing how worn my sneaks are getting, and how red they’re turning. But that’s the way it goes, when you walk and run down the red dirt drive, and down our street, twice, and then back down our red dirt driveway.

I’m still doing the 1.5 minute run and then 2 minutes walking, for 20 minutes. I feel tiny bits of improvement, and then I’ll have something else get to me, on the next run day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are not my favorite days, because I wake up knowing that I have to get out and exercise. I hate the thought, up until I get out there, and sometimes I’m still hating it, once I’m there. But today, I actually felt pretty good, for the first lap. It was an improvement, or just a good day.

The plan is to continue with the 1.5 minute run/2 minute walk, for quite a while. I really want to be able to increase my speed in running, and let my legs adjust. Some days, I feel like I’m barely getting my feet of the ground. I’m here for 6-7 more months, I have plenty of time to do this. Maybe the weight will even start to come off, in a month or two.

I hope I can encourage some people, by sharing about this. Most days, I hate doing it, but I’ve set my mind to that 20 minutes, three times a week. So little, it may seem… but it can become so much more. And who can’t find an hour to spare, in an entire week?

2 thoughts on “sneakers & red dirt…

  1. Good for you! I have been trying to get back into my granny style walking program..Lol! Actually it is a two mile walk that I do with Leslie Sansone and once I get going it is fun. She inspires me with her enthusiasm.

    • Go for it! It’s such a great thing to have someone to walk with, someone who’ll inspire you to get going. I had a friend who stopped for me, to walk, when I lived in PA. She had the motivation, and I just had to go with her. It was such fun to catch up on everything, daily, on those walks. Now, over here, I had to force myself to find my motivation, and then stick to it. Very hard. But I only to remind a few people that if you can SET your mind to it, you can do it.

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