ten days old…

What a mile marker to reach in life! Ten whole days old. Yes, our kittens are growing up, and a couple of them are blinking a little bit, so they’re probably going to open their eyes soon. What adventures they will have! In the meantime, we try to prevent any early “adventures”, by keeping the little girls from causing them accidental harm. Oh, and before you call me out on my bad addition, the previous write-up’s pictures were taken when the kittens were four days old. So, I really do know how to count to ten.

As of today, the older girls and the grownups have all held the kittens, numerous times, but the little girls, only once. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the two of them repeat back to me what the rules are concerning the kittens. One that I’ve been drilling them on, especially, is that they aren’t allowed in their parents’ room without a grownup or a big sister. So, sure enough, last night, when their dad was in there, doing something else, one of the girls went in, and made a beeline for the cupboard.

Now, I had told them, also, that they could ONLY touch or hold the kittens if there was a grownup there, but somehow, this was misinterpreted, and Mrs. B found Emmie (5) “showing” Sadie (3) how to hold the kittens. Another talk followed. Being a year or two older than your sister does not a grownup make.

Today, the older girls were asked to let the kittens have a breather, as they’d been picking them up quite a bit, as well as their visiting friends, and taking them up on the bed. In the process of explaining something to their mom about it, I heard my name, and promptly went to hear what I’d been accused of. Apparently, I told them the kittens needed to be cuddled. Yesterday, while I was holding a kitten, I held her close against me, so she would feel warm and protected, not like she was hanging in open air. I explained to the kids that all babies like to be held close, and that’s probably why mine had stopped squeaking. Because they were all used to being “squashed”, before they were born, and they were still comfortable with that.

After explaining what I’d said, again, I pointed out that the kittens got plenty of cuddle and snuggle time with their pile of siblings, as well as with their mom. If they aren’t snuggling up against their mother, when they’re eating, I sure don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe Dusty doesn’t feel very snuggly, while having five babies feeding, but they definitely all feel safe and protected, when she’s there.

I went to take a look at the kittens, this afternoon, when no little girls were around to interrupt, and discovered that Dusty had eased up about the kittens being held. Or maybe she’s just more used to me. A day or so ago, she’d take a kitten away from me, because I’d had them too long, or she’d just sit there and look antsy. Today, she kept eating from her bowl, and then went and looked after the other kittens.

My kitten was either extra adventurous, or maybe being able to see a tiny bit made everything much more interesting. I held her against me, and she climbed all over me, still with her eyes mostly closed, and finally got comfortable under my chin. Such sweet little things. Too bad they have to grow up.

But as the days go by, the kittens will get more adventurous, life for them (and us) will get more exciting, and the kids will continue to come up with interesting interpretations for what we tell them, concerning the kittens and other things. Why, just today, I asked one of the girls whether her hands were clean, and she assured me they were, and then stuck her finger up her nose! Evidently, her idea of cleanliness is a little different than mine.

For anyone who was worried, no kittens have been harmed in the taking of these pictures. In the one picture, I had deposited her on the shelf, and she took a step forward, and put her nose over the edge, but I was ready to get her, if she made another move. Being a smart little kitten, she didn’t move. But I think, sometime during the next week, Dusty’s family will be moving off the shelf and into a box (or basket). We’ll have them falling off the shelf, soon, otherwise.

As for bathtime for kitties… can’t you just HEAR them saying “Awww, Mum, I was already clean!”

Keep dropping by! The kittens will only stay little for just so long. Le sigh. And I do find other things to talk about, too.ย  : )

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    • I have to resist, too, but I’m much better at playing “out-of-sight out-of-mind” than the kids are. But the kids (and the kitties) are managing beautifully! Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Aww they are so precious! And the mother is gorgeous. Have fun with them and enjoy the tiny guys because they’re going to grow up quickly! I can’t believe my “kittens” are alread a year old…

    • My own family never had a cat (and won’t ever), but I still LOVE kittens. Watching them being born was an experience, and watching them grow is amazing!

  2. This reminds me of when I was a child and I would visit cousins whose had new born kittens. I was saw enamoured by their closed eyes and gorgeous faces. Thank you so much for posting these photos and for your words; you took me right back to when I was an innocent 8 year old! x

  3. Too precious. I got to see my kitten when he was still that small, because he came from a litter that my cousins’ cat had. He’s a few months old now, and so much bigger! I remember when he could basically fit in one hand. Oh, they grow up so quickly…

    • A wonderful time to be able to see them, when they’re this little, isn’t it? Most of the kids will remember it, for a long time. I know I will. Have a great day!

  4. We recently acquired a stray kitten found in a box by a dumpster, she must have been only 4 weeks old.. she weighed nothing, after 6 weeks with us she is a tum tum tiger to say the least. I just love having a baby in the house!

    Cute snaps, re ma being antsy when you picked up a little one.. You would feel the same, if something the same size as T Rex by comparison came along and picked up a child of yours, even if she was full of good intentions and only wanted to take a picture..lol

    • That’s terrible, the things people do to those that are unwanted. Glad you’ve taken her in. Yes, I completely understand Dusty’s being antsy, but she’s done well. She mostly got antsy with the little kids, knowing they could be accidentally rough. But the kids have done well, and we’re enjoying this time! Glad you dropped by!

  5. Oh my gosh! This makes me miss my own “kids” being this little! Not so much the weeks of 2 and 3AM feedings because ours were abandoned by their mama, but the cute little fuzzy stage! They grow so fast!

    • Babies and kittens… you have to take pictures of both, in order to remember how little they were. : ) Glad I could bring back some memories of your “kids”!

  6. That’s so great! A few years ago, my cat gave birth to three kittens and I have pictures from the time they were born to now. I don’t have them posted on my blog, but definitely, in the future, I’ll have them up.

  7. *melts from the cuteness attack*

    They are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing those pics and your account of their lives with us. When I moved here to England, I had to leave my two beloved kitties behind, so I was loving every minute of your post. Several ‘oohhhs,’ ‘aahhhhs’ and ‘awwwws’ erupted. Please post more when you can – I’ll be looking forward to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on the FP!


    • Thanks! I will definitely be posting more, as soon as I have some time. Have to get my camping trip posts out! : ) But I should have some more up, later this week! Glad you came by!

    • The mother is actually a Ragdoll, a really good breed to have around children. Very easygoing, the kids can do just about anything with her, and she isn’t bothered. We’re not sure who the dad was, possibly a feral cat. We hope to have them adopted to good families, and we’ll recommend they get the kittens spayed, when they’re old enough.

    • That second part sounds like something my brothers should have on an engineering t-shirt. : ) I didn’t do it on purpose, you know, put out adorable pictures that would just suck everyone in. But they were just going to waste, sitting there in my computer file…. : )

  8. Wow! These have got to be some of the best photos I have seen in a long time…stunning! And utterly loveable and totally adorable goes a little way towards describing these kits ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beautiful pics and heartmeltingly cute kits. So glad I finally decided to check out these listed w/p blogs! My privilege to be able to stop by and view yours, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ And big furry wolfie hugs for the kits ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hmm, they don’t look much like mom. I will have to read previous posts to look for more clues.
    It also looked as if at least one is polydactyl?

    Wishing you the best. Recently we had a very good mom just up and ealk away from her 2 week old litter. we have not had success with all 6 being hand fed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. I was just writing about how my monster of a cat was sooooo tiny when he was a baby and now weighs 22 pounds. Then I went to Freshly Pressed and see this! Kismet! The kittens are adorable and I remember those days of telling little girls (who are all grown up now!) how to hold kittens. Must resist, must not run right out to get a kitten!

  11. This is so sweet! Last summer, we had a stray mama cat take up residence on the side of our house where she gave birth to six kittens! We took care of them a bit to make sure they were fed and it was so neat seeing their personalities evolve. We officially adopted mama cat and one kitten. It was hard to let the others go though. Enjoy the time with your kittens and mama cat.

    • She is lovely, isn’t she? She’s actually a Ragdoll, which looks a bit like a Siamese. They’re really great to have with kids, ’cause they’re so easygoing. We’re hoping the kittens inherit her personality! : )

    • I think we will highly recommend they be spayed, when we find new homes for the little ones. I know how shelters can fill up, because people are careless about this. My Aussie family had hoped to breed Dusty to another Ragdoll, which is why we didn’t have her spayed. And we obviously didn’t keep her inside enough, either. : )

  12. Oh beautiful! And you are taken fabulous care of them, kittens are adventurous little things I think they have inbuilt mischief the second they are born ๐Ÿ˜€ I once hand raised a batch of abandoned kittens, they were adorable, but got themselves into so much trouble hahaha. I’d come to feed them and without a doubt there was at least one missing from the basket, a few times we found them up inside an old couch. They are such a joy, I am glad you are enjoying them. As someone who takes in and looks after a lot of rescue animals I am always so happy to see people taking joy from their fur family ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Adorable, such a shame human babies weren’t born that cute, I might actually want one. Then again…adult cats are kind of like human teenagers, aren’t they? Always sneaking off into a corner to plot something, strangely daring and adventurous, never come when you call their names, etc.


  14. We had this same experience 5 years ago when our female gave birth to two kittens. To be present at, and witness the miracle of life is something I will always treasure. The most fun part was when they got older and began to explore their surroundings. The scariest part was when they developed the ability to climb stairs. Our upper floor has a railing, On one particular occasion I saw this ball of fluff fall from the upper floor to the main floor. With my heart stopped, I went to the bottom of the stairway to see what I thought would be kitten badly hurt. Thankfully the kitten was no worse for the wear and ran back upstairs to try that again. Needless to say, a pillow was placed and anchored to that spot. Had I known we would be gifted with a kitten that liked bungee jumping,(without the cord) I think I would have bought a bungalow…….we called her Squeak after that because every time she jumped, she squeaked. We did try and block off that space between the floor and the railing, but she would head-butt the board until we moved it.

    • Wow! I’ll keep that in mind, as I live upstairs, and there’s plenty of railing that they could climb through. Of course, we do keep the gate on the stairs, because of the baby, but that’s never kept Dusty from getting upstairs. Your sharing that may save me from a future heart attack, though! : )

  15. Last year I devoted weeks of my blog to 2 kittens I’d picked up to foster — they were 2 weeks old when I got them. I have said many times and still say today there is nothing cuter than a kitten. Your pics remind me of that. Poor mama — she didn’t have one who looks like her! Will she be getting spayed after this? I assume an “accident” happened? As to the babies, it would be so cool if they didn’t grow up — the window of kitten time is so short, isn’t it? Looks like mama cat is a good mommy. And who can blame your 3 and 5 year olds for wanting to pick them up? It’s almost impossible to resist picking up kittens! I had my two fosters in my lap, on my chest, etc., as much as I could. They were simply irresistable!

    • We’ll see about spaying. The family may have changed their minds about breeding her to another Ragdoll, but I’m not sure. Until they decide, we’re going to be much more careful, next time she’s in heat. Yes, this one wasn’t planned. It’d be nice if you could delay the kitten time for growing up, but I think Mrs. B wants to be able to use that shelf again, someday! Thanks for dropping by, glad you enjoyed the kittens!

  16. Too cute, but I do hope you consider having her spayed. As someone who has volunteered for years with an animal shelter, I can tell you that cute little kittens grow up to be adult cats who have more kittens and so on until a whole lot of unplanned -for animals are being euthanized.

    • The parents of the kids I look after, they hadn’t had her spayed, because they hoped to breed her to another Ragdoll cat, at some point. We kept her inside for most of the time she was in heat, but not all, so you see what happened. We’re going to do better at keeping her in, next time, or maybe they’ll decide against breeding her, after all. Yes, it is terrible, how many animals have to be euthanized, because people are so irresponsible with their pets, or just get tired of them. We hope to have these kittens adopted into good families, and since they aren’t any special breed, now, we’ll definitely recommend spaying. Thanks for your comments! Glad you dropped by!

      • Sadly, they do carry the siamese gene, and the Siamese (as a breed) is very inbred these days- so, allowing these kittens to go to reputable breeders (like myself, for example) to help outcross GOOD stock with genetic variety, to help restore all colorpoint breeds (such as Colorpoint British shorthairs, traditional “Apple head” siamese, etc.) which would be a very WISE gesture.

        As you are a Christian, I will mention something that many women don’t like to talk about, but I (as a male and a cleric) seem to find odd. Those who espouse liberal philosophies (which tends to include PETA types) also are advocates for ‘a woman’s right to abort.’ So, who is being disingenuous? The Liberals who want to ban all human oversight of God’s creation (our ‘dominion mandate’) via animal husbandry; (and those same abortion advocates do use milk, or eggs, or the progeny/breast milk of these same ‘human interference animal species- hellO?) or those who don’t screen their prospective purchasers of kittens or dogs (for example) who are even so, willing to ‘take back’ a cat if the purchasers find they don’t want, can’t afford, don’t like cleaning poopy boxes, etc.?

        That was reason for my initial question. I doubt that you would have responded to it, but since you have, and others have voiced non-intelligent responses on animal husbandry, I thought I better stick up for those who DO care about pet overpopulation, yet who raise and breed healthy animals, who still cry for days after having to ‘put down’ a genetically inferior specimen/sickly animal. At least the cats and dogs from breeders who are scrupulous about their science, health, and care of said animals feel this way.

        I could never speak up for someone who would be of the ideology of hating pet breeders, yet who chooses to abort. The guilt of that type of conscience pales in comparison when talking with self-righteous pet advocates (most who are female). These types are more like the ideological equivalent of a puppy mill, in my book. (Please, don’t bother to respond via email. I’m really not interested in your opinions. Im just nothing the duplicity in modern America…)

  17. Hey Rachel!

    Your kittens are so precious! Your children sound like caring sweethearts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see more pictures when their eyesw open. Looking at your lovely pics reminds me of the few litters of kittens we had when I was a child. It is quite a learning experience as a child, looking after new born animals. Its not easy with the little fragil things and being a kid eager to help. Congrats on the kittens and on F.P. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the congrats! It was a bit of a surprise. The girls I look after ARE pretty sweet, but they aren’t actually mine. I’m an au pair (nanny) here in Australia. Quite the adventure. But I never expected baby kittens to be part of it. Glad you came by!

  18. They are absolutely adorable! 3 days ago my husband and I took in a rescued kitten that is 3 months old. We named her Sasha and she reminds me of one of yours. She is also a striped kitten but with splashes of orange in her coat and her belly is a cream color. I notice the mother of your kittens is a Siamese and she is absolutely gorgeous. What beautiful blue eyes she has….Robin

    • Actually, Dusty’s a Ragdoll, but she does look a bit like a Siamese, doesn’t she? The Ragdolls are really great for families with kids, very easygoing, not easily riled. The kids do just about anything with her, and she doesn’t mind. : )

  19. Awww the kittens are so cute!! But your cat, Dusty(?), looks really scary with the whole blue-eyed stare going on… Or maybe I’m just a dog person.



    • Dusty’s expressions come out funny on camera. She’s very laid-back, and usually the stare is just because she’s off in la-la land while she feeds the babies. Glad you came by!

    • Yes, all baby animals are beautiful. Grownup cats? I’m not so into them. Dusty and I get along just fine, but we’re not best buddies. I have friends who let their cats sleep with them, but I don’t like them near me while I’m sleeping. Their purring is annoying, not comforting, especially when I want to sleep. So, I do understand! : )

    • Dusty is a Ragdoll, but I guess she looks very like a Siamese or Balinese cat. Yes, just like with human babies, it’s great to remember what they looked like when they were little! : )

  20. What beautiful kitties! I’m guessing the babies take after their dad. Is the mom part Birman? She looks a lot like my Jen when she was a kitten (she’s since darkened considerably). Maybe some of the kittens will inherit mom’s blue eyes at least. Please post the open-eyed pictures soon!

    • The mom is a Ragdoll, a very easygoing breed that’s great with kids. I do have a few open-eye pictures, so I’ll be posting them soon. : ) Thanks for dropping by!

  21. Awww! That made me remember a cat I had when I was a child…Her name was Sabrina, and she looked JUST like one of those kittens. =D What a lovely memory…

    They are going to bring you a lot of happiness! Be sure to cherish every minute! =D

    • I’m also more of a dog person, but I can’t resist babies of any kind, whether it’s human babies or puppies and kittens. And getting to experience kittens at all ages has really been neat. Thanks for coming by!

  22. These kittens are absolutely adorable! As a lifelong “cat addict,” I can’t resist blogs that contain pictures of baby kittens. I also love that they are all tabby-striped, while their mother looks Siamese.

    • Their mom is actually a Ragdoll, a GREAT breed to have around kids. My Aussie family chose that breed, because they’re so easygoing, and rarely bothered by anything that kids’ll do.

    • Thank you! I do try and keep things fun and interesting for everyone! Life in a different country is an adventure, so I try and share it. Nobody wants to hear it, if I make it sound dull. : ) Well, the girls probably cuddle them enough to make up for you not being able to! Thanks for coming by!

  23. I was on the phone when I saw this post, and I started speaking in high-pitched, unintelligible noises and all that my friend could hear was “KITTENS!!!!”

    Thank you for these photos. I will definitely be checking back. I love cats, but I’m allergic, so pictures like these are the next-best thing!

    • Thank you for the kind comment and the description? Definitely made me chuckle. Usually, if I’m on the phone and start speaking in an unintelligible voice, it’s because I just saw a large bug on the wall or something. : ) They are pretty cute, I’m just glad I can share them around a bit with people. This way, the kittens won’t be overwhelmed by the attention! : )

  24. Hi I accidently saw your post and being a Veterinary Health Technician I was of course drawn to those little faces by memories of having many stray moms delivering their kittens at my house, or helping with some new moms having kittens. Your mom is a very beautiful Siamese. Around 10 days they generally start to open their eyes a bit. So it is very important that until they are weaned from mom especially that they not be in direct sunlight. Mom’s often are protective of their babies. Just like with human moms, they have an innate schedule of feeding, stimulating them to relieve bladder and bowel and baths. She may even move them to another location on her own. That would not be unusual. For the sake of safety, it might be good to get a box, cut an opening big enough for mom to get in and out bnut up high enough so babies can’t get out. Then when they are about 4-5 weeks, they will want a bigger space as they will crawl and attempt to play more. MOm will also began to wean them some from her milk and from stimulating them. Her idea is to make them hungry enough to soon start eating some dry food as well as suckling part time until about 6 weeks. Some mom’s go 8, but that is not often. It is better for the babies to be with mom until they are 8 weeks. They become the best socialize by then. You can introduce a litter box at 4 1/2 weeks and try holding them and stimulating them at the same time. When their urine hits the litter wipe them up and allow them to smell their urine. And allow them to get use to digging in it. They will begin to explore more so a safer location on the floor in a box is ideal. I did that so many times with so many litters from stray moms and each time was a new adventure of joy and beauty. The hardships were kittens abandoned or driven away from their moms. Those had to be bottle fed every couple hours and stimulated as often. But after much lost sleep, the results were so precious. The photo’s are so sweet. I just feel their little noses. Kittens love to lay on your chest next to your heart. The beating of your heart is like mom’s. Or curling up in your neck in your hair. They are not fond of being held out. Especially with their eyes shut yet. And for several weeks, their eyes are more sensitive to light. They are so sweet. Hope you find some ideas in this. And if you have any questions you can always write me.
    Trish I am also on WordPress

    • Thank you for all your helpful advice! I’ll definitely keep it in mind. So far, we’ve been learning bits and pieces on the internet. Dusty actually moved them into a closet, not long after they were born, at the back of a shelf. They’ve been in there for about three weeks, now, and we keep the doors mostly shut, to keep the baby out, and to keep it dark for them. I try and keep the curtains closed, or mostly closed, when we’ve had them out. But we’ve not yet reached the fun of litter training them. : ) We hope to see them adopted, when they’re old enough. Maybe their mom’ll potty train them, because she never uses the litter box. She always does her business outside. Thanks again!

  25. The kittens bring me back very fond memories. ‘Baby’-the mum, she had 3 that looked exactly like your kits mums. She had 2 dark tabby’s and 1 grey tabby and the resemblance is uncanny. Thank you so much for sharing these, I love cats and had them since I arrived into the world

    Looking for a female Ragdoll kit in the very near future for my 8 year old Raggie because he wants mummy all the time so he needs a friend to play with and I need a break ! Thank you, Imogen xx

  26. I’m a dog fan (I have two) and am allergic to cats, but those kittens look very adorable. Congrats on the new additions to your family ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Precious kitties,.. I had one, I got it in front of my flat when it was 5 days. I took it and had it until it’s 3 months, then the car hit it and couldn’t be safe.
    Lovely pictures you’ve took. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh, I’m so sorry about what happened with yours! We had a similar thing happen to a kitten that we adopted, though we didn’t have ours as long. You still have your precious memories, though. Maybe you’ll have another, some day!

  28. How adorable! I see that your momma kitty is a Siamese. We have two that are part Siamese. She looks to be a good momma.

    • She’s a great mom! She’s actually a Ragdoll, though, a really good breed to have with children. Never gets bent out of shape by anything the kids do with her, which is why my Aussie family chose her. Glad you dropped by!

  29. Cute fluffballs! My mama cat looks similar to yours and her kittens were a motley collection of ginger, tabby and white. Enjoy them!

    • Thanks! The mommy’s a Ragdoll, but she does look a bit like a Siamese. We never met the dad, so we really aren’t sure. Probably! Glad you stopped by!

  30. Aww I just found your blog post whilst pottering around the wordpress blog. What a lovely its and story. I love kittens and cats and your little ones are just adorable!!

  31. Aww, this reminds me of the many kittens we had when I was younger in the Philippines. We had soo many and they looked exactly like these little cuties here (same color and all)! What adorable babies ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Precious! The kittens look like my cat, Claude McKay.Mom is pretty. I hope they have a long and playful life!

    “Kitty!” in my little girl from Monster’s Inc voice.

  33. The Mom is Simese and the kittens are not so the dad must be like the kittens [striped]. I recently learned that genetics did that… go to [when you read this] jdogs2000.wordpress.com!!!!!!!!!!

    • The mother’s actually a Ragdoll, a really good breed to have with children. Very easygoing, no matter what the kids do to her. : ) Yes, the white coloring must be recessive, and the daddy’s colors are dominant. We never met the dad, though, so we can’t compare. : )

  34. Dusty is a gorgeous cat and the kittens are adorable – but then I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like. And vice versa – mostly. I do know one cat who doesn’t want to give me the time of day for some odd reason. . .but anyhow, I’m a cat lover, I have 7 of my own and 1 “adopted” one that was previously my Mom’s. So with them, my husband and my 3 year old daughter we have a housefull. Mine are all grown – a couple approaching elderly so I really enjoyed the kitten pictures. Such precious little things. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I used to have the almost similar cat as yours! But mine is really timid and she passed on… Anyway,your kittens are so adorable!! I used to have 18 cats and they would reproduce like wow, right now my two little kittens have grew up, they’re all I have right now. No more little kittens for me. I miss having kittens so much!!

  36. They are so adorable, I love ‘Dusty’s’ eyes, they’re so… blue! What are you going to name the kittens?
    My friend’s cat gave birth a couple of months ago, two beautiful ginger kittens snoozing in the cuboard. I would do anything for a kitten, but we have gerbils instead. Cat + Gerbils = Not good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Totally lovely pics – I shall pass your site on to my daughter. She has just said ‘goodbye’ to the last of her seven kittens. (Unfortunately she is still left with their fleas!)

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  39. I keep coming back to this post to look at the kittens – brings back memories. 18 years ago my cat gave birth to her 3 kittens in our basement. I can only speculate, that because one person in our household wouldn’t leave her alone, the mother cat moved her kittens up two flights of stairs under MY bed. One day I arrived home in the afternoon to find the Mom-cat moving her babies. She had carried each on up a full flight of stairs to the main floor. I left again, only to come home in the evening to find them cuddled under my bed, which was another flight of stairs for her to carry her kittens. You can imagine how honoured I felt to think of the effort it took her to complete her mission and the fact that she went to such lengths to find a safer den. Clearly she knew I’d leave her and her babies alone, which I did.

    • We had hoped she’d keep the kittens upstairs (near me) because it’d be safe from the kids. While she did end up giving birth up here, as soon as the family came home from a trip, she began moving them downstairs, into Mrs. B’s closet. Rather than put her to so much effort, we carried the basket of the rest of them downstairs. Now, they’re on a bottom shelf, behind closet doors, where the kittens can’t fall out, and the kids can’t bother them, without permission to be in that room! But that is certainly a huge effort for any cat to take, but a mommy’s gotta do what a mommy’s gotta do!

  40. Does your blog hold the award for most Awwwws in the responses? Well, here’s one more to add to the total (there just ain’t any other word that quite covers it…


    • I’ve no idea, but it’s quite possible! I really never expected that post to get so much “screen time”, so it’s fun to see that everyone likes the pics so much! They’re pretty cute little things. Glad you liked ’em!

  41. Wow, I have kittens too
    and one litter’s father was a mix sealed point siamese cat like yours ^_^
    my seal point a bit browner than yours died a long time ago ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    my current kittens are black and grey as their parents are too ^_^

    • Oh, I know, life will really be fun! But we’re hoping to find homes for them, as soon as they’re old enough. Life is always interesting here, though! : )

    • The mother is a Ragdoll, which is a breed that’s really good to have around children. They’re very easygoing and no matter what the kids do to her, Dusty never gets upset. Sure, she originally was a little more antsy about the kittens, but she still never scratched or hissed.

  42. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. I think it’s really cleaver that you are doing a documentary based on these kittens lives. The photography is amazing and really up close and detailed. I think that it would be really interesting if you continued to take pictures of them every day so that people who have never experienced raised kittens from day one, can witness the process with you.

    • Thank you very much for the compliment! I hope I’ll be able to use these skills someday, for my own kids. But I’m actually a nanny (au pair) for a wonderful Australian family. I do love my girls, and want them to know how to care for those that are smaller than they are. Glad you came by! : )

  43. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. love the photos and the story that goes with them. I had 5 cats back in South Africa and all my life I have had a cat or two in my homes. this is such a delightful blog.
    thank you

  44. oh my goodness! Such utter cuteness! Is it terribly girly that I gave a little squeal at the picture of the yawning one? (Yes, it is.)

  45. WOW! amazing.. my family love the cats ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’ll show them ur photos. im sure that they gonna love like im loving right now =)

  46. This is how I want to remember my two cats, as kittens. They’re cute when they’re that age, and my Lynx Point Siamese was cute even into old age.

    • I’m guessing that her color is recessive and the tabby is the dominant gene, but I really don’t know! We’re just glad they’re all healthy and that she takes such good care of them. Glad you liked ’em!

  47. Oh these photos are just so gorgeous! It’s almost like being there! I love love love the first photo. I can’t believe my cat has gone from one pound to seventeen. They sure do grow up far too fast. My husband is right if it were not for him I would so become the crazy old cat lady. I want another kitty. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • The mother is a Ragdoll, which is a really good, easygoing cat to have, if you have children. My kids pick her up, carry her around, and not always gently (especially the little girls), but she doesn’t bite or scratch. My Aussie family specifically picked that breed, because of those traits. We’re not sure who the daddy is. We just hope the kittens get their mommy’s personality!

  48. My favourite animal is a cat (then spiders). I have a kitty too, she was such a tiny baby but such a fun kitten. Now she’s grown up and thinks she’s queen of the universe. Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

  49. I’ve always been a cat lover and these photos are so adorable! Great post! Liked! ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S: How do you manage in taking care of them?

    • Manage in what way? They’ll be three weeks old, tomorrow, and we don’t do anything for the kits, yet. Dusty does everything necessary for the babies. They can “toddle” a bit, at this point, so we haven’t had to clean up any other messes up with them, yet! : )

  50. they’re cute…. i wander how’s their father’s fure colour dominates the kittens….
    take a pic on him ๐Ÿ™‚
    nice diaries….

    • Not a Siamese, she’s a Ragdoll, a really good breed for having around children. Very good tempered, they can do just about anything with her, and she won’t scratch them. Glad you liked ’em! Thanks for dropping by!

  51. I was surprised when I saw that Mom Kitty was a Siamese! Not a one favors her–she must have mated with a Tabby. Took me back to my childhood when our cats had kittens–it is hard to keep your hands off of them!

    • No, she’s not a Siamese. She’s a Ragdoll, a breed that’s supposed to be really easygoing and good with children. That’s why my Aussie family picked her. We’ve no idea who the daddy cat is, but the kittens are adorable, either way! : )

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    • Thanks! I do try my best to take good photos! And being FP’d is exciting! I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like a kitten, even when they aren’t a cat person.

  53. I love cats as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love them most when they are still kittens. Awww. I surely miss having one.
    Our cats here are big now.
    BTW I love the kittens’ colors ๐Ÿ™‚

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  55. I have godown its cozy and left alon type .. and every year or tow cats come and give birth so i know the felling. btw do you know cat changes 7 places before there babies open eyes !! try to count..

  56. ๅฅฝๅฏ็ˆฑ็š„ๅฐ็Œซๅ•Š๏ฝž

    ไธ€่ˆฌๆƒ…ๅ†ตไธ‹๏ผŒๅคง็Œซไธ่ฎฉไฝ ็ขฐๅฐ็Œซ็š„๏ฝž

    • I love Google translator! If I did that right, then… our Dusty is a very easygoing breed, rarely gets upset by anything. We were also told that it depends on how comfortable the mommy cat is with the people. So, she’s never had a problem with us petting or picking up the kittens. It’s been great, and we’re very careful! Thanks for coming by!

  57. Adorable! We have a running gag in our family because our cat, Pete, is so cute. Everything is “Not As Cute As Pete” Your kittens *might* be at least as cute as Pete. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Please spay your cat. You say you will “recommend” adopters of your kittens to have them spayed and neutered but what about your girl who was allowed outside to a “ferral” father? This isn’t cute, it is irresponsible and I am not afraid to say it. There is no excuse not even wanting your children to witness the miracle of birth; rent a DVD, or speak to a local vet about allowing them to be present for a delivery, for instance.

    Over 4 million companion animals are killed every year. They are not euthanized (โ€œalso called mercy killing; the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, especially a painful, disease or condition; a painless deathโ€) they are murdered. Cats come out on the high end (usually 70% or higher being destroyed) as opposed to dogs (mid 50%). Statistics avaialble from HSUS and ASPCA, audited and real.

    I truly hope these kittens don’t end up at a shelter, adopted by a hoarder, used a bait for fighting animals, subjects for medical research, or allowed to roam the streets unaltered and contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. Explain that to your little girls and to your readers.

    • Thank you for filling me in on that information. When I say “we’ll recommend”, please understand. These aren’t my kids and it isn’t my house. I’m a nanny, so the decisions will be made by the family that owns Dusty. I know they plan to have the kittens adopted into loving families, probably families with children. Yes, having Dusty get pregnant was an accident, so we are enjoying the miracle of birth, because it did happen. However, I can’t do more than recommend things, I can’t make the decisions about these cats. We will be having some conversations about this, soon. So, if I sound wishy-washy about it, please remember that they aren’t mine, and I don’t make the decisions. I will keep all you say in mind, though, for when we do talk about spaying and such! Thanks for your comments!

  59. Awww….. they are so cute. Brings back memories of my kitten, Oscar…..only he’s not so small now….a typical big ginger tom but I do remember when he was that tiny!! x

  60. awww – i just buried my seal point – yours looks like a choclate point mix – so funny how all her babies came out striped tho – i would love to have one of those kittens, just cause they have siamese in them! they r very smart and very loyal …

    • I wish I could give you one! Their mom is actually a Ragdoll, so they should be very easygoing, and great with kids, just like their mom. I’m sorry your lost your dear cat. Maybe you will find another perfect one, soon! : )

    • Well, the family I work for did a very good job with Dusty, so I’m sure they’ll do well with any kitten that we keep. There’s a possibility of keeping one, but we hope to get at least four of them adopted. Six cats would be WAY too many! Thanks for dropping by! : )

  61. Oh so cute; I want a kitten so bad but I am writing a lot lately and feel like I would not give them enough love. Someday I will have my kitten…….Yours are so sweet looking………:) Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m sure you’ll have one someday! That’s great that you’re able to remember you might not have enough time. I’ve always kinda wanted my own dog, to raise from a puppy, but I know I can’t afford either the time or the cost of caring for them. So, it’s always wait for the right time! Have a great day!

  62. I’ve been staring at these kittens for 3 days now, You win !, I love them they’re cute! thanks for the great thread of pics!God Bless-WATW

    • Do you wonder that because of his looks, or because he’s a talker? : ) Dusty is a Ragdoll, which is a breed that’s great for kids. Very laid-back. Perhaps yours could be part Ragdoll?

  63. They are very cute! Am more of a dog person but recently adopted a stray kitty. Learning along the way of their little quirks. They are quite different from dogs but very adorable as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Will follow your blog to get insight into tips in getting my kitty cat named Beki the proper care she deserves. Good luck with your cute litter as well :))

  64. My heart just exploded with “aaaawwwwwwww!!” and rainbows and all sorts of other cutesy things.

    I live in a Chinese city full of strays and my boyfriend has to literally restrain me from going around snuggling the kittens in the gutters.

    Thanks for the adorable photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. awww, 2 gorgeous, an i have 2 gorgeous cats of my own, who were beautiful kittens, when i got them & gorgeous Creations of God

  66. Oh, what cuties~!!
    I live on a hobby farm so we have 2-3 batches of kittens per year (that we know of!)
    Several years the litters have been too big so I’ve taken the runt that can’t get up to nurse inside and nursed it from a bottle, the whole nine yards.

    If you (or your girls) want to carry them around to show off without the fall danger, try a hooded sweatshirt on backwards. Kitties find a snuggly spot in the bottom of the hood and usually fall asleep pretty quickly!

    Good luck, and thanks for sharing!

    • Well, all those kittens must keep you busy! Your sweatshirt idea sounds great, except for one problem. Summer’s about to start, here in AUS, and just the idea of putting a sweatshirt, well, it starts me sweating. ; ) Though we hope to prevent future “accidents”, we’ll have to keep that idea in mind. Thanks!

      • Oh, I didn’t even think about the reverse season thing… I used to have a beach cover up with a hood (it was sleeveless terrycloth), just an idea ๐Ÿ™‚

        You take such cute pictures of the babies (and the mama!), mine aren’t that photogenic!

  67. i have two almost twin yellow male cats, one 9-years-old-female, a white grandma(ankara cat), a white mom(her daughter) and a black and white daughter of the mom.

    3 weeks ago grandma also gave birth to 3 kittens, one pure white, one has a hair like tin-tin, and one yellow and black.

    then my 8-years-old son asked:

    -mommy, grandmas don’t gave birth to children how come this did?

  68. When I was younger we had a lot of cats & this brings back some good memories. We have 1 now & that is all we want (and can probably handle) but seeing those cute little things makes me want bunches more!! Thx for the reminder of those great memories.

  69. Those Kittens are just SOOOOOOO cute how could you stay alive in there presence? I would have melted and died! lol, I have a cat too but he isn’t ten days old lol

  70. Precious, precious, precious!! Some of my happiest childhood memories involve newborn kittens. ๐Ÿ™‚ My tomcat would get together with the neighbor’s female kitty, and she’d give birth to little orange and calico kittens in my hayloft. How wonderful your children get to experience the excitement and wonder of fuzziness and love!

  71. I’m a cat lover myself but the problem is that my mom doesn’t allow buying pets or keeping them in the house, so I tame stray cats and they live in my home’s lawn but they are wild. I pet a cat 7 years ago, she disappeared but she returned last year, yippy!!!!! btw your kittens are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so is the Siamese cat

    • Thanks! Looks like you’ve worked around the cat restrictions pretty well. And if they live outside, you never have to clean up the cat hair in the house! : ) Dusty is actually a Ragdoll, which is a really great breed to have around kids. Glad you came by and enjoyed the pics!

  72. How adorable! I’ve never seen kittens this young. Of my five, only one was a baby when we got him, maybe a couple of months old. The rest were pretty much grown strays when we adopted them. Kind of wish I could have some tiny ones, but we already live in a zoo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Include me in this collective โ€œawwwwwwโ€ they had in the beginning xD I remember the time our cat got kittens, three of them. THEY WERE ADORABLE, especially the time their eyes were closed >.< And nowadays, we have 1 of the kittens and the mom (it was heart breaking giving 2 of the kittens away T_T) and the "kitten" is 5 now :3 Still super adorable!
    Same with your cats, ADORABLE!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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