silence means mischief…

Well, that’s my usual understanding of toddlers, but I’d never applied it to naptime before. It’s only when they’re running around and active, that their getting really quiet means… trouble. Probably something’s getting ripped to pieces or they’re trying to eat something inedible.

Today, everybody went to sleep at the same time, and all was quiet. Except for Bubby talking to herself, before going to sleep. In this case, when she got quiet, I figured she was asleep. Reasonable, right? Yeah, I thought so, too.

But, noooo. Over an hour later, she was suddenly talking again, like she was wide awake. I peered into the room, wondering what’s keeping her awake, and discovered that she had ditched her t-shirt. Ok, she must’ve been bored, if she figured out how to get her shirt off. Going over to the crib, and looking in… and found a shirtless baby, amidst a pile of clothing and books.

The books were obvious… her crib’s right next to the bookshelf, but she’s usually not awake enough to notice. And then I realized that Kit’s suitcase was still sitting on top of the (waist-high) bookshelf. Still not emptied and put away, after the last camping trip.

So, I pulled all the interesting objects out of the crib, and dumped them on the floor, with the rest of the Barbie dolls and other clutter. That room’s definitely up for a tidying, soon. Rocking her to sleep has become a little, well, toastier, as she insists on holding onto her “lambie”, before bed. These small sheepskins are covered in nice, warm wool… and summer’s either here, or might as well be! I’m in denial about this being spring. Thankfully, the big fan was on, and Bubby didn’t take long to doze off, after her afternoon of excitement.

By the time I came out of her room, the other girls were awake, but hopefully the sound of the fan will muffle any loud noises. I sure want that Bubby to get her sleep. And the silence does mean she’s asleep, because when I laid her in the crib, she was out like a light.

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