at-the-dam tea…

I can finally say that I’ve been to the Fairbairn Dam, on Lake Maraboon. I know, it seems like such a little thing (to go there, not the lake itself), but I hadn’t been there until Sunday afternoon. I still remember when my friends found out that I’d been to Blackdown Tablelands, but not the dam… but we still haven’t gone there for a barbecue, yet.

Another friend asked me if I had plans for Sunday afternoon, and was there anything I hadn’t done yet? So, I mentioned the dam. Yes, I know I could’ve gone there by myself, but it did sound like a place that would be better to go to with friends. And what if there weren’t a lot of people around? I do try to stay safe, not doing anything stupid, you know.

So, after Rene got her scones out of the oven, and packed up the basket, we headed out. I think that was the longest distance I’ve driven, here in Australia. Usually, someone else drives. And it isn’t that I have trouble driving, but I’m still cautious about driving on the left side… don’t want to become complaisant, and then do something stupid, while out on the highway!

I didn’t realize that when the locals say they’re “going to the dam”, they usually mean they’re going somewhere on Lake Maraboon, either to picnic or go boating. The dam is actually a bit further down the road. So, we took a walk by the lake for a bit, and then went and settled down on a picnic blanket for tea.

If you’re not a Queenslander, then I’ll fill you in on just a few little details. Lake Maraboon was created in 1972, when Fairbairn Dam was built. It’s the second largest lake in QLD, and it’s primary purpose is for irrigation, for numerous local farmers. Do I understand how it gets the water to them? No. But I felt right at home, as back home in SC, Hartwell Dam and all the local lakes… well, they’re normal. I missed seeing water everywhere, when I lived in PA.

And I do mean tea (not dinner), because we had some coffee, tea, and a couple of scones. But around here, if someone asks what you’re having for “tea”, it can just as easily mean dinner. It can be a bit tricky, so I have to pay attention. And ask lots of stupid questions. When they hear my accent, they forgive me.

We had a lovely time. It was nice to just sit there, sipping my coffee, eating my cinnamon-sugar-covered scone, chatting with a friend, and all in sight of the beautiful lake.

After we’d packed up the basket, we drove further up the road, and stopped at two different spots, so that I could take a look at AND get pictures of the dam and the sunset. I love taking sunset pictures, and if they’re reflecting off the water, it’s even better. Such glorious colors!

On the drive back, I was paying close attention to the road, so I was able to slow down at dusk, when a kangaroo and a joey crossed the road, and then later, when a couple of cows couldn’t decide what side of the road they wanted to be on.

How about you? Have you been to the lake for a picnic, or tea, lately?

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