four days old…

Four day old kittens. Have you ever seen anything so precious? Yes, I know you have, but when you’re looking right at them… you honestly believe that you haven’t.

When I found Dusty facing the other direction, I thought she was tired of all the nosy females, constantly looking in on her. Didn’t take me long to realize she was just switching sides, maybe because her other side was falling asleep. For some reason, she likes to always have her head to the right of the cupboard.

But I went off and told the kids that Dusty was very naughty, because now they couldn’t see the kittens for a while. I was hoping her position change would at least deter the older girls from peering at her… for an hour or two. The little girls aren’t allowed in the room to look at the kittens without a supervising adult. I feel sorry for the poor mommy cat, sometimes, though. If you were nursing five babies at once, most of the time, would you want a large audience?

The cat and I have always been on fairly decent terms, though I’m not a cat person. You could say we were on speaking terms, because she whines at me to be fed, when there’s plenty of food in her dish. And I tell her what I think of people or animals that whine. Before her pregnancy, I’d probably make her wait until the usual feeding time. Mean, aren’t I? I don’t put up with whinging children, either, in case you’re wondering.

But after we found out she was pregnant, I became much more considerate of her, as I would be anyone that was expecting a baby. I petted her more often, fed her whenever she emptied her dish (which was several times a day). If human women get cravings, then do mother cats? All they’ve got is cat food, poor things. No ice cream or pickles to look forward to.

My friend and I were the only ones home, when the kittens arrived, and we checked up on her regularly. As you already know, I was present when several of the babies were born. We petted her, encouraged her, and made sure she had food and water available, even holding the bowl so that she could drink out of it, without leaving her newborns.

So, as I tell everyone that I’m obviously standing as godmother, and Dusty seems to see me differently, now. Sure, she still whines at me for food, but she has no problem with me either touching or picking up the kittens (I waited five days, these pictures are from a day earlier). And she cozies up to me, at unexpected times, which she never did before. And I still pet her and encourage her, telling her she’s a good mommy. Those kittens are in good health, and she only leaves them when they’re sound asleep. Then she takes a break, lying on the hall floor, or going for a run outside.

Aren’t they precious?

3 thoughts on “four days old…

    • Aren’t they beautiful? So precious, at that age. I’ve never been around newborn animals, so I’m enjoying the experience. And our Dusty’s one good mommy.

  1. It’s interesting how an animal can change and become more affectionate. I made a decision to declaw my cat when he was two years old due to how extensively he scratched me. I left him an extra few days for pain meds and when I picked him up, he was soooo happy to see me. Much happier than I would have thought as up until then I didn’t think I really existed in his world.

    I wrote about it at this blog post:

    I enjoy your write-up of the kittens – thanks for doing it. Congrats on being freshly pressed too!


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