of boxes & bling…

This has been quite a week for packages and letters. The box from my mom arrived a day before our movie binge began, and the one from Amazon arrived on that Friday. So, I was completely set for movies, as well as many other things that I asked my mom to send.

I think all those postcards I sent, about a month back, must’ve convinced some people to write. But never mind, I suddenly started to receive cards, letters, postcards, and photos in the mail. Such delight! You have no idea. I tell you the truth… it took over four months before I received a real letter from the U.S.  I guess that’s what happens when you do tons of communicating over the internet. But it is SO fun to receive real snail mail.

My mom’s been waiting to send the latest box until there were more things to go into it… and then I asked that it be sent, pronto. But it still came full of exciting things, both items I’d asked for, and some that I hadn’t.

Aside from a couple of movies that I’d left at home, I wanted all my recipes and some cheap plastic measuring cups & spoons sent to me. Now, I can do some cooking with the girls, and introduce them to foods (mostly dessert) that I grew up with. We can translate them into metric, later, but for now, I need to use recipes that are in my own language. We’ll still have to convert the temperatures to Celsius, but that shouldn’t be too difficult, now that rest has been dealt with.

Someone I know picked up some beaded necklaces at Mardi Gras in Louisiana (no, it’s not the Mardi Gras like in Sydney). But the talk about how you get the necklaces isn’t that great in the U.S., either, so I won’t go into it. Not a holiday I celebrate, so I don’t quite see the point. But my parents remember getting those beads from somewhere, when I was a child, and how much my cousins and I enjoyed dressing up in them. So, my recent package from home arrived with a large bag full of them. My girls got a royal kick out of them, too. Especially the littles, but they all enjoyed them. Hence, the bling photo shoot.

Back to the cooking stuff, I made a random request for one of our old-fashioned cookie presses, so that I could make press cookies. Press cookies are a type that my family always makes at Christmas time, using an aluminum twist handle press (instead of one with a button or “trigger”). We don’t HAVE to make them for Christmas, while I’m here, really. I keep remembering that we’ll be well into summer, and running the oven won’t be fun. But I think the girls will enjoy making them, seeing the neat shapes, and then putting icing and sprinkles on them.

Biscuit cutters made it into the mix, though unrequested, but they’ll come in handy when I show my friends over here how we make buttermilk biscuits back home. I look forward to having biscuits and gravy, some day soon.

One day brought a crazy postcard, and I knew which cousin had sent it, before I even looked at the address. Another day brought a note and some photos. A letter from an elderly friend of mine, with handwriting reminiscent of my grandma’s writing. And a fun card, with a picture of a child and a horse. My girls loved that card, as they’re into horses, and this family is into little girls.  : )   Anybody else who wants to send me some mail, please feel free!

4 thoughts on “of boxes & bling…

  1. You make everything seem like fun..Now I will want to make cookies and oh yes, biscuits and gravy too. I’d better get with my walking regime so I can eat all of this food. lol! Send me your address via email..

    • Yes, an exercise regime of any kind is good to deal with the food. That’s one reason I settled on the jog/walking. I need it to counteract all the eats!

    • Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed the new camera, which I got right before coming over here. Of course, it helps that the kids are pretty cute, and I look forward to showing them some American baking. : )

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