five little kittens jumpin’ on the bed…

On Monday, when it became obvious that the kittens were on the way, I carried Dusty upstairs, and put her in the box we had ready. We petted her and encouraged her, until she settled down. And then she hopped out of the box, and made her way to a basket at the back of the room. I hadn’t noticed it, with a sleeping bag inside it, but the soon-to-be-mommy obviously thought it was just right.

For the next five hours, we kept an eye on her, and so, I was able to see at least three of the kittens arrive in the world. By suppertime, I’d lost count of them, but was pretty sure we had at least six. I was wrong, as on the following day, we finally counted five. Five little kittens that look nothing like their mommy.

Since then, Dusty’s recovered enough energy to clean herself up, and move the kittens downstairs… into Mrs. B’s closet, which has shelves in it. Yes, yes, I know, “happy thought, indeed”. There, she’s gotten quite comfortable, and keeps out of sight, for the most part. All the kids know she’s in there, except Bubby, but they’re not allowed to touch any of them, or bother Dusty. I just do my best to keep the baby out of there, so she doesn’t discover them, by accident.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. They were taken when the kittens were only a few hours old. And Dusty doesn’t mind me being that close, really. She and I are almost on terms of friendship, after I looked after her for the last week.  : )

2 thoughts on “five little kittens jumpin’ on the bed…

    • Dusty, a Ragdoll, is an indoor cat that likes to hang out outside. She also does her business outside, never uses a litter box. But we didn’t keep her inside enough, when she was in heat. Next time, we’ll have to do better. : )

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