the final tally…

The sad day has arrived. The movies must end, and we must get a lot of fresh air, to make up for all our staying inside. Of course, my friend’s going to get plenty of fresh air, as she’s going on a cruise in a few days. I just need to get back outside regularly.

Having gone to bed at a decent time, last night, I didn’t feel like one of the living dead when I woke, today. We immediately started Little Dorrit, and managed to finish it before everyone arrived home for dinner tonight. Yes, that means we watched the entire 7.5 hour mini-series in one day.

I have to say, we really did have a marvelous time over the last few days. Talking and debating characters and plot, and many other things. You always see movies with new eyes, when you watch them with someone who hasn’t seen it before. She enjoyed them all, and will probably have a large list of books to read, now that we’ve finished.

I find that I really want to get into long discussions about each film, but it would probably be in an endless rambling style, so we’ll see which ones actually merit a blog post, over the next few days. But now… I am very tired, and I’m back to work, tomorrow morning. So, I shall say good night. Sorry for not having more edifying things to share about the movies I’ve seen. When my brain clears again, I’ll be happy to share more.


Return to Me

Alice in Wonderland


Northanger Abbey

Jane Eyre

Lost in Austen

Pride & Prejudice

Despicable Me

King Arthur

How to Train Your Dragon


Peter Pan



Little Dorrit

Bleak House

Sense & Sensibility

North & South


Wives & Daughters

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