the great movie binge: sunday…

We made it through King Arthur and Persuasion, last night. Yes, we keep things mixed up. I love King Arthur and I hate it. I’ll save the whole subject for another post, but every time I watch it, I could happily throttle Clive Owen for his terrible acting.

Our Sunday afternoon began, only after we’d finished making homemade chicken noodle soup. With that, we should be set for a number of meals, and after this, we’re either going out to eat, or eating sandwiches. We have movies to be watched!

Unfortunately, I’ve been doing some number crunching, as I looked through the pile of BBC mini-series. I didn’t realize that both Little Dorrit and Bleak House are about 7-8 hours apiece. Maybe I should’ve remembered that, but once they reach four hours, you forget how much longer they go. So, Bleak House will probably have to wait for another weekend, while we’ll fit Little Dorrit in, on Tuesday, if we make good time with the rest. North & South won’t be getting a re-watch, and I think we’re going to save Cranford for later. And after some review, we don’t think it likely that we’ll have time for Pride & Prejudice, and Imogen recalls having seen Stardust, after all.

And now that we’ve finished watching Lost in Austen, Penelope, and Sense & Sensibility, we’re getting into some interesting discussions of the pros and cons of Austen, Gaskell, and Brontë’s leading men. Wouldn’t you love to join in? And we’re still debating what we’ll have time for, at this time of night. To start one and finish it in the morning? Or to stay up a bit late, finishing another mini-series?


Return to Me

Alice in Wonderland


Northanger Abbey

Jane Eyre

Lost in Austen

Pride & Prejudice

Despicable Me

King Arthur

How to Train Your Dragon


Peter Pan



Little Dorrit

Bleak House

Sense & Sensibility

North & South


Wives & Daughters

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