the movie binge begins…

With my five days of vacation just starting, tonight, The Great Movie Binge commences. I kid you not. I have a number of BBC dramas that my friend hasn’t seen. So, we’re going to mix those in with some other great movies that I own. My movies are all Region 1, of course, but we have the HDMI hookup for the TV, so there’s no problem there. A few of my other local friends may drop in to watch, some evenings, as well. But Imogen and I plan to see how many we can get through.

The only thing that would make this all better would be if it rained. Yes, we could really use some of the rain that the U.S. has been getting, but also, having it rain would make us feel better about staying inside all the time. If the sun is shining brilliantly, I might feel guilty. But don’t worry, we’ll be getting out for a walk or two, every day.

Here’s the movie rundown, so far:

Return to Me

Alice in Wonderland (live action film) – I love this movie, I don’t care what anyone else says about it.

Persuasion (2007, BBC)

Northanger Abbey (2007, Masterpiece Theatre)

Despicable Me

How to Train Your Dragon


Peter Pan (2003 live action)


Jane Eyre (2006, Masterpiece Theatre mini-series) – I don’t know why they had to remake this again, this version was perfect.

Lost in Austen (2008 mini-series) – Good & fun take on Pride & Prejudice, when a girl from modern day London switches places with Lizzy.

King Arthur (2004) – I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. I hate Clive Owen like I hate Malkovich. Watch this for the other knights.

Pride & Prejudice (1995 mini-series) – I like the ’05 version, but haven’t seen this perfect version in a while.

Little Dorrit (2008 BBC mini-series) – This movie is phenomenal. Don’t miss it.

Bleak House (2005 mini-series) – This one can be, well, bleak… but it’s really, really good.

Sense & Sensibility (2008 mini-series) – Do you realize that Emma Thompson & the rest were too old for their roles? Watch this version.

Emma (2009 mini-series) – Paltrow made me hate Emma. Romola Garai finally won me over, after years of avoidance.

North & South (2004 BBC mini-series) – Ok, I’ve watched this twice in the last two weeks, but if we find the time, we’re watching it again.

Cranford (2007 mini-series) – It stars Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, and Michael Gambon. Need I say more?

Wives & Daughters (1999 mini-series) – The oldest one here, another Gaskell (North & South is the other) novel brought to life, it’s fabulous.

Other options are The Lord of the Rings, several Pixar movies, the Twilight movies, the Narnia films, or to rent some new releases from BigPond, but I think this list will keep us occupied for a while. Don’t you? If I remember, I’ll keep you updated.

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