my froggy little ones…

A sore throat came a-visiting at our house, but thus far, it hasn’t knocked on my door. Unfortunately, at least two of my girls have it, and my poor Sadie has had an uncomfortable sounding cough and an ever-running nose, all day long. It hasn’t affected her energy level, though, and she’s not feeling bad enough to curl up on the couch, so she’s been on the go, constantly! She does manage to leave a trail of tissues, wherever she goes, despite my reminding her (constantly) to throw them in the trash can (bin).

At age 3, it’s very hard to understand the idea of being contagious, so I encourage her to wash her hands regularly, and not give her horsey to Bubby to play with, but… we’re a house full of kids that breathe on each other, so it’s a slim hope. But I don’t mind the extra bit of effort, if it means that my little Bubby doesn’t have to be crying all night, unable to understand why her throat hurts.

Whether they have froggy throats or not, they still have the energy to bounce like little frogs on the trampoline. From oldest to youngest, jumping on the trampoline is a favorite past-time. Bubby isn’t able to jump yet, but she does pretty good at bouncing up and down, without her feet ever leaving the floor. I help out, though, bouncing her, or holding onto her, while her sister jumps. As it’s a small trampoline and it doesn’t have a barricade around it, I have to hang onto her. She has absolutely no concept of distance between the trampoline and the ground. Even after I’ve taught her to peer through the trampoline mat, to the ground below.

My trickiest moments are when I’m getting off the trampoline, and I let go of her. Once I’m clear, I either grab her, or let her walk/crawl to me. Babies are talented little things, though. We’re missing one spring from the trampoline, and once, when I climbed off the trampoline, Bubby ran at me. I was prepared for her to try and dive off the side, and there was no chance of her falling off. But instead, she tripped, fell headlong, put her arm through the spot where there’s no spring, and smacked her face on the bar. No, there wasn’t enough room for her to fall through, but if there’d been a spring there, she might have caught herself. Poor Bubby. I knew that hurt, and she was making a different crying sound than usual.

So, I put ice on her face, which completely distracted her, as she couldn’t understand why the ice was so cold, and felt so good on her face. And when I wrapped it in a towel, I know she was trying to figure out why the towel was cold. I mean, come on, it’s never cold at any other time she plays with it!

And now, I kid you not… I was composing this post, in my head, and then came across this little guy, hiding under the dish drainer. I promise you, he appeared AFTER my froggy inspiration. So, I happened to have my camera downstairs, but found that the battery was almost dead. I went tearing upstairs for a new battery and the other camera (just in case), and the kids must’ve though I’d lost it. But I was sure the baby frog wouldn’t be there, when I got back… but he was. And here he is, for you to see. Yes, that is a medicine bottle cap, right next to him. And it was already there, I just pushed it closer, to demonstrate his size.

After the froggy photo shoot, I put a glove on (I’m sorry, I don’t yet pick frogs up in my bare hands), and carried him outside. Paused for a minute, to let Bubby take a look. She might’ve gotten a glimpse, right before he jumped away, but I’m not sure. Little bitty thing. Slightly bigger than my thumb nail.

One thought on “my froggy little ones…

  1. Strep-throat is going around among other things in our location..I hope and pray for quick recovery for the little girls. I have three granddaughters, ages 6, 3 1/2 and eight months..How neat to have a little green visitor!

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